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Will I need a house clearance after my divorce?

The answer to that question is – you might.

If you and your partner have both decided that the best thing to do is to sell your former family home than that does leave the question of what to do with the contents. Of course, it may be the case that you’ve already split the contents between you and moved them out of the house prior to putting it on the market.

But if that hasn’t happened, and neither of you is interested in the remaining contents of your former home, you will need a house clearance before you can sell the property. You could try doing this yourself, but you’ll find it’s a lot more trouble and effort than it looks to do a complete house clearance.

Where will you dispose of the items that cannot be sold? Indeed, even if there are items that can be sold, have you really got the time to put them on EBay or Gumtree? That will take up great chunks of your time in answering messages from would-be buyers, who will inevitably include a fair proportion of time waters. You’ll also have to arrange delivery or pick-up of items.

And if there are things with no resale value, do you have the transport to take them to an authorised dump? Do you actually have the time to do this? Please don’t think of using an unlicensed man with a van. If he dumps it illegally, as the owner of the goods you could be liable to a stiff fine plus court costs, even although you didn’t do the illegal fly-tipping.

All in all, the cost of using a properly licensed and insured house clearance firm is easily justified by all the stress and worry that you will avoid. A good house clearance company will completely empty your home. They’ll let you know if there’s anything of exceptional value and they can put such items into auction for you. They can also arrange to donate any useable goods to charities, thus avoiding loads of stuff going to landfill. Any reputable house clearance firm will only dispose of goods that have absolutely no potential for sale, donation or re-use.

So, if you are faced with the prospect of a house clearance after divorce, think very carefully before you try to take it on yourself. You’ve almost certainly got enough on your plate as it is. You’ll find that hiring a professional house clearance firm will spare you a lot grief and stress.

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