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Wife Wants A Divorce After Meeting A Guy On The Internet

Hi ya everybody, nice to find this website. My ex wife filed for a divorce 10 months ago which has finally been completed. Reason being that she had found someone else using the internet via browsing message boards. The guy is from the US and she is planning to get married to him this August. We also have 4 children. We had been married for 15 years, although we were very young. I am 33 years old and she is 31. I am totally devastated by the whole ordeal and still cant believe it even after all this time. She left me last July after telling me she had found someone else and was planning to marry him.

He has been to the UK over the Xmas period but had to go back, however, she is going to the US for a 2 week holiday and whilst there she is going to marry him and then bring him back to live together in the UK in our old house with the kids. Its been 11 months now and I’m still finding it very hard to cope, I’m so unhappy and depressed all the time. I’m finding it very hard to concentrate on anything plus all my confidence in everything has pretty much gone. I miss being the old me, laughing and joking, now I’m just so unhappy but wish to break free from it. I hope that the pain goes away after time, but its been nearly a year and still feeling pretty low. Take care, Gino

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4 thoughts on “Wife Wants A Divorce After Meeting A Guy On The Internet”

  1. Oh Gino, I am so sorry. Its so soon 11 months is nothing so don’t get too despondent. I am 16 months down but folks tell me it does get better. I am sure you are still in shock and I am not surprised. Please try and remember we on this website are here for you and each other. Its kept me sane on many an occasion so use it as often as you can.

  2. Hi Gino Snap!! my x2b also left me for an internet relationship with someone overseas. That was 9 months ago and these past 9 months have been tough and your confidence does take a knock, mine certainly did. She is still living here and he is living over there, she spent 5 days over there in November. They too are planning to get married apparently. What helps me is taking a step back and looking at how stupid it all is. What sort of person has an internet relationship with a person they have never met in person and after spending so little physical time with them gets married. They are the ones with the problem not us methinks! Cheer yourself up by thinking of all her bad habits and the rough time she is going to have when she discovers them in the next few months, and vice versa, oh to a fly on the wall at your old house! Sorry to hear you are feeling so down, I have been there. I know this will sound difficult to do but somehow you just have to pick yourself up and make yourself happy. Go out and find one thing that you really enjoy doing and focus on that, make sure you do something for yourself each day. Concentration is hard so sometimes doing something that is mindless but productive helps. I also go to gym as exercise can help with depression and it gets me out mixing with people and I have joined a service club to meet new people. Also do you see your 4 kids. They will have an unsettled time having to adjust to their mother being in a new live in relationship. You may need to get on top of your game to support them All the best and keep posting on here if you need to, it does get better but it is bloody hard work!

  3. Crossy, thank you EVER so much for your kind words, you have already brought a smile to my face. I am indeed feeling down mainly because of the total disbelief of it all but of course losing my wife as well. Its hard to adjust to being single/alone as Ive not been that way for so many years. I know what you mean about wanting to be a fly on the wall in that house, but i have a feeling that they will both make an absolute effort to make it work, especially with what they have both given up, her of course divorcing me and he is giving up the US and anything he had associated over there. He has already been here a month last December so im sure he knows what he is in for. My kids don’t really like him either, they think he is “a Muppet” as they call him. I do see my kids as much as i can, and they are always all over me, and it chokes me up sometimes as it does them. They are still not quite used to it and they want me back home but they also know it will never ever happen either. As much as i can, i will look out for them even if it came to a situation where id have to move away for whatever reason. Hobbies wise i still keep them going, i write poetry & play a musical instrument, i also write songs when i can. But i would like to be in more company of people, new people so i will have to join some group somewhere, but not sure what right now, maybe look in the local paper. My friends can only do so much for me and i think they are getting fed up with my depressed state! Again thanks ever so much for your reply. It’s not all about me, its also about you and i hope you are OK.

  4. Hi Gino My x did something similar except I found out before things got too far. Still didn’t help as we are now divorcing. I am on my own. I will have no job (for the first time in 20 years!) and a very uncertain future but ask me if I would go back to someone who didn’t appreciate the life she had and I’d say no. Things happen. They hurt but life goes on. I feel like hell today and I’m glad it’s nearly over but I made it and I’ll make others too – just like you will. One day at a time. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step (cliche ridden I know but it’s true). You take care!


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