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Wife Left Me & I Feel Permanently Sick Stomach In Knots

I woke this morning with the same dread and aching but i hope that it will get easier in time. Last night i rang my wife out of the blue, I asked her that when i moved out could we still do things together with the kids but just live separately? She did not say no but said we will see how things go, i am a bit worried that my scrambled head is trying to cling onto her the trouble is at the end of the day i still adore her and in a weird way i admire how well she is coping.

I know she walked out but it still must be hard for her anyway what triggered the question was she remarked that she was gonna take the kids swimming in a day or two, and this is something that we had not done yet mainly because we did not make the time and i would have loved to have gone with them. Everything on TV is about kids, marriage and the like, when i watch a film that i have seen before i remember that i was with her when i saw it. I am worried about going back to work next week as i work nights, one week on and one week off and sometimes every minute can feel like five and your brain goes into overdrive and does not stop thinking but first i have to kick my own ass and sort out a flat.

I have a permanent knot in my stomach it feels just like that you force yourself to eat because you feel sick and then you still feel sick after. Anyway thanks for listening. Alan

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3 thoughts on “Wife Left Me & I Feel Permanently Sick Stomach In Knots”

  1. Alan, I feel so badly for you, you sound such a good man. I am divorcing my wife after years of mental and emotional abuse, but I still hope that we will be able to do things together with the children, especially birthdays. Even though the petition has been served on her we are still managing to be OK with the kids, although I don’t know if this will last after she realizes I mean it this time. I hope things improve day by day for you. Stick with the guys on here – They are so supportive and understanding. There are people here who have come down the road a little further than you, and they will all help you so much.

  2. Alan, I know what you are saying about being able to do things as a family unit. Although I continually look back at what we did together (we have three boys 4,6,9) and it breaks my heart, my biggest problem is acknowledging and trying to accept the things that we will NEVER do now as a family in the future – if that makes sense? I constantly think about these things. I will always take them swimming on my own, Holidays will be on our own,etc.etc. and that really puts me into a right downer. So, you are not being clingy, you are being a “GOOD” father and thinking first and foremost about your family, so don’t be hard on yourself, you should be proud of yourself.

  3. Stick with it, you will get there. We are all here to listen, to support, just to be there through the darkest days – until eventually they are not sooooo dark. Allow yourself to be sad, it is natural and understandable….don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember your kids love you, you will always be their Dad, and no one can ever take that place for them. Each day is a victory – Stay strong Mate.


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