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Wife Committed Adultery With Guy Next Door

My wife left me a couple of months ago and is now seeing my ex next door neighbour.

She told me the marriage was over and that there was no one else. Less than a week later she is declaring her love for the neighbour.

She has now told me she has slept with him, but not before she told me we were finished, therefore it is not adultery.

I would have thought that this was still adultery as we are still legally married. Can anyone shed any light on this please? Thanks Eric.

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8 thoughts on “Wife Committed Adultery With Guy Next Door”

  1. Eric, I’d have thought that if you wife is so loved up that she would be keen to divorce so would she really contest a divorce based on adultery and is the cost aspect of it really important to you? You could file for adultery but not seek cost which may make it more “attractive” to her. Alternatively file for divorce on unreasonable behavior based on her improper relationship with your neighbour.

  2. Technically and legally it’s still adultery, even if it was 10 years after you split, if you don’t get divorced right through to Absolute. Proving it is the hard bit, unless she signs a ‘confession’. The only point to that would be so that you could claim costs (of the actual divorce petition) against her.

  3. Eric, as the others have pointed out it is adultery because you are still married. She will not see it that way because as far as she is concerned the relationship with you is over and this new relationship started after you split. In the eyes of the law your marriage still exists until the decree absolute is awarded! It is up to you whether you want to divorce on the grounds of adultery….probably will give you some feeling of satisfaction but she will probably deny it and it is virtually impossible to prove if she does.

  4. Thanks for comments so far. My wife is no longer living in the house with me, but is living at the new lovers parents house. Because there are children involved when letting her see the kids, she has actually taken the kids to their house. Whilst there the kids have walked into the bedroom to get a cuddle of their mum and seen the pair of them in bed together, would this count as proof?

  5. Eric, I don’t think so….what you need is for her to admit to it. The fact that she is living with him does not prove they are having sex which is where the adultery bit comes in. Also involving your children will just put you all in a even worse situation. If she is not willing to admit to adultery then you are better off going for unreasonable behavior. You can mention her new relationship in that if you want. Try not to get too hung up on the grounds, if the relationship is over then it doesn’t really matter. It makes no difference at the end of the day! Divorce is Divorce!! Best of luck.

  6. My wife left me for another man, told me it was over and I left the home. I then had a relationship with another woman and I am being divorced on my adultery! So to answer your question yes this is adultery!

  7. A chap I met on holiday this summer recounted a story, his wife left him for a work colleague, lived with him for 15 months then this chap decided that his wife had really moved on with her live in lover and he should move on too, met a nice lady, introduced her (after a fair amount of time) to his teenage daughters. Very soon after the wife petitioned for adultery, he said but “hey, that’s hardly fair” and she said “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. If you do not have a decree absolute it is adultery.


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