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WHY Did She Have An Affair Behind My Back?

My Divorce Story – By Mason:

After 11 years of marriage my wife suddenly announced that she wanted to ‘be on her own’ and after 3 months of erratic behavior she finally admitted she was having an affair. After she left the family home (which was to be sold and the money divided) she then announced that i was only to see my 6 year old daughter when she dictated.

I have had to take her to court for the right to see my child only to find out she was five months pregnant by her new boyfriend. I thought things had settled down but she is now taking me to child support because i had to reduce my maintenance payment because my company has put me on short time. Please tell me what drives a woman, who i have known for 17 years, to try and destroy me? What did i do wrong?

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4 thoughts on “WHY Did She Have An Affair Behind My Back?”

  1. I don’t know why Mason. Some women think that they have a meal ticket for life as a result of marriage. It gets even worse regarding the new maintenance rules. There is no account whatsoever of the other halves income. She could be earning a million pounds a year and you only 10,000 a year. Yet they would still expect you to contribute a large percentage of your net income with no regard to her earnings or the fact that she may be living the high life.

    Unfortunately the man comes a very poor 3rd after the kids and the wife and the system does not care about his loss of family and his mental state. Not so comforting words I am afraid.

  2. After almost 18 months of separation my life is still not back together, I am finding it difficult to move on not knowing what I did wrong the last time? I have to drop my daughter off to my ex-wife’s house twice a week where she always brings her other child to the door even if her boyfriend is in the house, why? My daughter cry’s almost every time and asks ‘when will she see me again daddy’ she has even been told to refer to me as ‘Mason’ if she wants to talk about me to her mother, why? She and her boyfriend even turn up to my daughters ‘parents evenings why? they are trying to remove me from my daughters life and i just have to sit here and take it, this is so unfair.

  3. Mason – it is unfair. You didn’t necessarily do anything more wrong than anyone else. Put this in perspective – 2 in 5 couples break up (and probably another 1 in 5 are unhappy). You are not unusual although I know that we all feel that we must be one of the worst people in the world for this to have happened. Unfortunately you seem to have a wife who doesn’t want to do things amicably which is going to have an effect on your daughter. Start to value yourself.

    Try to make your life in other areas a success (no matter how big or small) but don’t wait hoping for answers to to past negative events to come along. You will never get anything done otherwise but may find the answers by just doing. Your daughter will eventually grow up and will see you for the caring father you are. Your wife will have very little control over her then. My estimate from what I see above is that that will be about 8 years time which in the scheme of things is not that long. Plan to be a success in 8 years time.

  4. Yeah well same has happened to me, my wife had odd behavior then told me she was seeing my best mate, well after 20 years of being together its a blow, and you cant think straight or anything. Whats worse here is that we work all in the same bloody place. She has been coming back to the house to clean up, shop with me and says she could be back. Why do they do this? Why kick you in the teeth when your down? I still want her back but I am just to soft with her, but I still love her and I am willing to give her another chance.


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