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Why Worry About STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)?

Guest Post

Today we enjoy the luxury of speed dating, personal ads and the information superhighway. The Internet is a literal disposal point for the busy American single. More and more people turn to sites like “” and “AdultFriendFinder” to find love online. Throughout my life I have had jobs that require me to travel to other cities to do my work.

Not too long ago, I went to Sacramento for three months to start a business from the ground up and then hand it off. I enjoy traveling and meeting people from all over the United States, especially single women. While in Sacramento, I dated four completely different women, ranging in age from 22 to 41 years old. The last time I was in Las Vegas, I met a great girl who worked for a big corporate office in San Francisco. She made love to me for two nights as if she had just been released from prison. Then two more nights when I flew to the Bay Area to see her.

Earlier this year I went to Portland for three days and met a sweet insurance rep in her mid 30’s. We spent four days camping, hiking and sexing in Oregon’s beautiful landscape. Walking my dog in Long Beach one night I met two girls coming out of a bar that were slightly drunk. They started flirting and before long the two were sharing a glass of wine at my loft very late. As God and my dog as my witnesses, I had each of them that night when they were not having each other.

In my 15 years of being single and traveling, I have lived crazy stories with explicit details, but these have a lesson. I have used a lot of condoms over that 15 year period. If you matched the weight of all the latex that I have discarded to metal, think Brinks truck. All four women in Sacramento, the Long Beach co-eds, the juicy Oregon insurance girl, and the sex kitten from San Francisco and some others I have not mentioned all have something in common. None of these women required or even asked me to use a condom. This story only details seven women from four cities that were careless. Keep reading the numbers will get worse in this story before it is over.

Many of these sexual situations got right down to it before I would do it myself. One girl did something in the Jacuzzi that was even a first for me (he laughs a wicked laugh). Sorry that’s not funny. Anyway, how could anyone have sex with someone they really don’t know and not protect themselves?

Here is the wake up call to all the Lady Godivas out there who want to get naked and ride bareback through the village. It is called STD’s! Remember when it was called VD or venereal disease? It hasn’t changed kids, it has gotten worse. If the subject were AIDS or HIV infection, I would need a lot more writing space. Simply put, there are too many things to get sick from out there, don’t let it be sex!

Here is just a small list of damaging STD’s.

Bacterial Vaginosis
Cytomegalovirus Infections
Genital Herpes
HIV Infection and AIDS
HPV and Genital Warts
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Pubic Lice
Vaginal Yeast Infection (Yucky!)

Now those of you that date a lot probably think you’re not at risk. Think again. Of the 14 listed above I am going to only highlight the statistics of one STD, “herpes”. An estimated 25% of American Adults have genital herpes. Since the 1970’s, the number of Americans with genital herpes infection has increased by 30%. Infection is more common among African Americans at roughly 46%, then White Caucasian at roughly 18%. Infection is more common among women, approximately one in four women and one in five men in the United States are infected and 80% of the infected don’t know they have it. That is just the stats on one STD to get your attention.

Think about it, one in five Americans has herpes. That is just one STD from the list, and one in four Americans will get one of those 14 STD’s before they are dead. So before you jump into bed with someone or pull a Bill Clinton in the Oval office, remember these numbers. These statistics are real and one quarter of the people reading this know it. If you need laymen’s terms to simplify things, then consider this.

If there are five employees behind the counter at your coffee shop, one of them has an STD. So insist on the insulating sleeve around the cup for your protection.

If you have an STD or think you might, consult a physician.

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