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What Is The Main Cause Of Loneliness?

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Submitted By Zak:

I’m a Freshman in College and I’m struggling to keep up with activities and interacting with those around me. I think my roommate is a bit too lousy for comfort and I prefer times that I’m in the room alone. I’m worried because it was not like this before. I had an active social life in high school. But now, all I want to be is alone. And there are times I try to hit up my friends from high school who got into the same college. Yet, it seems like the universe is against me. They always seem so busy with there school work and persistently proposing a hangout makes me look needy.

I miss my old self. I just don’t know what to do. Every effort I’ve put into trying to socialize has proven abortive. I feel so lonely. And I’m scared.

Am I the only one going through this? Is there anyone who has gone through this phase? I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Please, I need help.

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3 thoughts on “What Is The Main Cause Of Loneliness?”

  1. Nothing is wrong with you. You should just give it time. It’s a known fact that the workload of freshman year can be so overwhelming as it takes a toll on virtually everyone. But with a positive mindset, you’ll rise above the feelings of loneliness. Without a doubt, you are having a hard time adapting to the new environment. It’s a new terrain really so no one can blame you. But you can make the process easier by taking part in group activities like sports or clubs as they provide you with the opportunity of making friends easily. As regards your roommate, you need to learn how to tolerate people and reconcile with their differences. This is an invaluable people skill you’ll need for years to come.

  2. The fact that you’ve recognized something is wrong and your willingness to seek help is a great step towards healing and coming out of your loneliness. I think your loneliness is situational. When I was a newbie in college, I had a similar challenge. I couldn’t socialize with others and this continued into my sophomore year. I didn’t know I was lonely, I just lost interest in everything and everyone. I eventually got back on track after a senior picked up interest in me and advised me to come out of my shell.

    It happens all the time. A change in environment, leaving home, not being around the usual faces etc. These can cause loneliness. You’ll be fine. But begin to socialize with your roommate. You never can tell, you may like his idea of fun!

  3. I lost my mum in my first week as a freshman in college. I missed her. I cried a lot. I refused to talk to anyone. Tests were coming up and I was so scared I was going to fail. I didn’t have friends because I didn’t socialize too.

    I saw my first test score and it was an F. I couldn’t deal with it because I was a straight-As student in high school. I was always running back to my room after class because I already lost my self-esteem. I believe low self-esteem is one of the greatest causes of loneliness. But luckily, things changed for me. We were given this assignment and I was surprisingly chosen by the professor as the group leader. Members of my group would come to my room for meetings and I began to gain my confidence.

    Maybe you should engage in activities that boost your self-confidence.


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