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Western Women V Asian Women: Asian Women Win Say 2.4 Million Facebook Users.

We live in a crazy universe where the coalition of women has claimed to possess the same ability as men in mostly all aspects of life. The tomb of our male ancestors would definitely have shaken in the light of such event. Unfortunately for feminists, this article isn’t meant to boost your ego. For aeons, there has always been a dispute regarding the most desirable and beautiful race of women. It’s notable that interracial marriages are on the rise but one also must recall that all races are beautiful and no race is superior but the issue concerning who makes a better spouse between Asian women and Western women is one argument that never ceases to tickle interests. Let’s nail this squabble once and for all, shall we?

Firstly, physiologically Western women and Asian women are very different. While the former has a generally pale, white skin complexion, Asian women are mostly coloured depending on origin, Chinese, Japanese and Korean women will likely be fairer than Asian women from nations such as Vietnam, Thailand etc. One natural blessing many Asian females are blessed with is a delicate slim frame. Really, how many Asian women have you seen that are fat? Especially when compared with Western women, not many in my books. Even though they combine simplicity and beauty well, Western women are considered to be sexier.

Asian women pay a lot of attention to their looks. Even at this, they prioritize simplicity over looking too flashy unlike many Western women who habitually use too much beauty products, and make use of colours that even Picasso couldn’t comprehend. Western women may also tend to dress too tight or too short while Asian women are of the artless kind with ponytail light makeup and colourful, simple yet elegant dresses.

Asian women are naturally polite and are happy to be in your company, they are not the type to judge you without knowing you. Thanks to hypergamy, don’t be shocked if most women irrespective of ethnicity focus on the benefits they can derive from you, it’s only biological. But Asian women, totally of such school of thought (date or marry you for financial security), will task you about hopes and aspirations not your income. Even though some only go for you because of the misconception that western men are rich.

It’s no surprise that Asian women are winning the hearts of most western men; pushing feminism to the back seat, Asian women don’t emasculate their men. They look up to them, make men take the lead and assume the house wife role even when they’re career women. She will cook, clean and make you feel great in the bedroom all because being affectionate comes natural to them, and also because they see it as their duty.

Asian ladies are perceived to be the embodiment of the perfect wife. They combine simplicity, beauty, submission, sexiness and intelligence. Yet they’re not as fun and spontaneous as western women. They’re usually more conservative, can be boring and you probably might find it difficult to find common ground.

Asian women are family oriented and this makes them very desirable to men because they put in their best to make their marriage work. Favouring a traditional family life comes at a cost, because most times her family has greater influence on her and she might pick them over you.

Another problem you could encounter with Asian women is having to deal with cultural differences and her family that probably is finding it difficult to warm up to you.

White women are perceived to lack some of these necessary qualities that keep a man happy with peace of mind. Here’ a quick fact, we are living a world that consists of high rate of divorce especially in the western world. These days the single mother notion has planted itself into the minds of millions of western women, thus increasing the number of women that don’t believe in marriage as an institution for raising children.

Some may claim that yellow fever fetish has taken over the minds of many Western men. Yellow fever here doesn’t refer to the tropical communicable disease that turns patients to a sickly yellow, but it’s an obsession that portrays women of Asian descent as better sexual partners. From a recent survey of 2.4 million Facebook users, it showed that there was high preference for Asian women by men. And it only gets more enthralling, one may think that such men are of a particular race but no, they aren’t. The stats showed that Asian women were preferred by men of all racial groups.

Although dating is a matter of personal preference but there’s something unique about Asian women that men find so exotic, could it be due to their low maintenance? Attractive petite bodies? Less makeup or respectable mannerisms? One thing is for sure that not all Western women are the same but in the world of dating, they are certainly losing the battle.

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