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The Ten Do’s of Dating for Guys.

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There are a thousand articles out there giving advice to men on dating. What you may want is a simple ten things you need to do to date successfully:

Make a great first impression without going over the top with Georgio Armani suits and a stretch limo. Just take care of your appearance by shaving, dressing smart casual and smelling nice. Whatever you do, if it’s your first date, don’t overdo it. You want to impress, that’s all. Save all your tricks for later and reel her in slowly.

Respect her time by showing up on the time agreed upon. You may want to arrive five minutes early, but earlier is overdoing it. Have a valid reason, you will probably be forgiven, but making a habit of it will surely lower your stock.

Be positive on dates. There’s a lot of bad things happening all around us, but don’t focus on this. No one wants to come from a date and be bummed out. You won’t get a next date. Veer towards fun and positive conversation. You want her to leave the date exhilarated and refreshed.

Be honest, honorable and transparent. Don’t say yes or create stories simply to impress her. You will be caught out at a later stage. Women have an intuition about these things, so beware.

Be creative with planning your dates. Don’t plan stuff where the conversation between you two is stifled. You want to get to know her and talk, so a movie or a concert is probably not the best idea, unless it’s a one night only event.

Don’t come off as desperate. Remember that you both have had lives of your own before, and you should have your own lives during. The reason is because you still want your life if things don’t work out. This is not jinxing anything, just being realistic.

You will do great by giving her compliments. Don’t use cheesy pickup lines, remember that you’re already on a date, so pickup lines don’t apply here. Take something about her features or looks, complimenting her intelligence or her being witty will score more points than the former.

Focus your undivided attention on her. Remember that she’s not your wingman and didn’t come to check out other women with you. This will be a clear indication to her of what you’ll be like in a serious relationship.

Save some information for future dates, so don’t divulge your hopes and dreams along with childhood memories. This is unless you intentionally want to scare her off. Save some information for later.

Whatever you do, keep your mind out of the gutter. This is not the time to discuss sex and everything going with it. Unless she imitates it, this is information, save it for later.

There are the ten do’s of dating for guys. You need nothing more to be successful and make it to further dates. Enjoy it and make a woman happy.

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