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Size Does Matter

The size of your confidence is far more important to a female than the size of your penis.

For all those guys out there who have a “not so large” unit, you are sitting at home reading this and saying, “Don’t sell me that bullshit!”

There is no bullshit to sell my friends, just the cold hard facts.

If you have a small penis it will look even smaller if you have low self esteem and no confidence. Pay attention and laugh if you want to, but if you want your penis to look its best, there are only a few ways to do it and here is how.

Does Penis Enlargement Sugery Work?

The first way to make your penis look larger is to actually go under the knife. This is a surgical procedure that “snips” a particular “muscle” in the penis shaft. This procedure is extremely painful and the recovery time is not short. Depending on the insurance policies you maintain, it can be a costly procedure as well. The end result is not going to guarantee an “extreme” difference. I know of a person who underwent the procedure and said he would not recommend it to anyone. After his recovery was complete he had an additional inch in length.

Here is the recap. A couple thousand dollars out of pocket, having a doctor take a blade to your penis, waking up in awful pain after surgery, spending weeks in recovery & worrying every time you piss, and all for inch. To this I say “no way Jose”. There are enough women out there who will appreciate you, your life and your penis just the way it is. I wish I had green eyes, but I don’t cut the retinas out to replace them, yikes! Also, if you are out there doing all that medical stuff to your Johnson then it sounds like you have more money than confidence.

The Real Deal

There a few ways I highly recommend making your penis look its best. Two of which are self preservation and I do this regularly. Before we go there though, I must reemphasize the importance of confidence. Gentlemen, women are not like us and even though they enjoy good looks as much as we do, there in it for “the whole package”. If a guy has a big dick and never opens the door for a girl or show her appreciation then his big dick won’t be around long. Girls will only tolerate so much for a dick.

Being confident is also about being disciplined and taking care of yourself. This brings us to the first item of making your penis look better; make your stomach look smaller. This just makes perfect sense anyway for good physical fitness. Fitness trainers say that any exercise (done properly) for the abs or torso also helps strengthen the back as well. If you focus on fitness and reduce your waistline and stomach as much as possible then naturally this will make your penis look larger by comparison. Bonus: When you exercise regularly it enhances heart rate and cardiovascular performance increasing sexual stamina, as well as the amount of blood flow to your penis (resulting in slightly larger erections). If that is not a confidence builder to work towards then what is?

Coiffed Delicacy

Some of you are certain to laugh at this next menu item and I hope so because I did too when I first did it; grooming your staff. The next way to make your penis more desirable, bigger and just plain edible to women is to groom it properly; think trim the forest. Think about it, if you have a 5 inch penis and the pubic hair is three inches, then subsequently you have a two inch penis if she is going to give you fellatio (that means blowjob meathead!). When a man performs cunnilingus (think pie eating), most prefer a woman who is shaved or at minimum, trimmed down.

I personally like the “runway” shave. So if we prefer to eat our food follicle free then won’t she?

Of course, so take some scissors or an electric trimmer and carefully shave down to either “zero” or “stubble”. Be very careful, I have cut my ball sack twice and it is not pretty. Keep in mind it will itch a little the first time so I recommend trimming right before you shower and then put baby powder on post shower the first time you shave it all off. See that? Now you have lost weight and groomed, and your penis is looking better already.

Still want to go under the knife?

Girls Girls Girls

This last footnote on giving your penis the opportunity to be at its visual best is a bit strange I will admit. However, look at the site you are on right now, which means truth is always stranger than fiction.

In my sexual experiences with women of many sizes I found that the vagina is an amazing acrobat in flexibility and what it can take. The hands however never change size. If you are not a big guy, then date smaller women, especially women with small hands. Women like their guy to be taller than them most of the time anyway so if you date a small woman with small hands then when she holds it, it will seem bigger even to you.

Remember, how you walk into a room says more to a woman than your penis size or even your bank account.

So for the guys who called “bullshit” early on, I say, “bring it on”. If you do the first two things I said, you will feel more confident and thus the byproduct will be more choices. Also, never forget the art of seduction is made up of a lot of foreplay, which does not require your penis anyway. Women reach orgasms for different reasons with different people. The greatest compliment is if she is having an orgasm because of “true” feelings for you more than you “hitting the bottom of the well”.

If you still want to go under the knife then go for it crazy man. I also suggest base jumping without a parachute. If you do the work on your body and groom properly and pick some petite ladies to hang with then not only will you save yourself pain and money, but that “inch” will feel like a mile.

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