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Single Men – The Power of Popularity

It’s seems like a no brainer that the more single people you know, and who get to know you, would greatly improve your chances at hooking up. Unfortunately, it’s amazing how few of us really use this fact better in our love lives. Oh sure, most of us have posted a profile on an Internet dating site and have improved our odds a bit that way, but that’s not using the power of popularity to its full potential.

We can wish all we want for a great love life and yet not a darn thing is going to happen until we get up the nerve to put ourselves out there on the market and try enough times for things to really click, and then get up and try again when that’s doesn’t pan out and do it all again.

The Bigger You Think, The More Popular You Become

The problem most of us face is that we think “small time” when it comes to our love lives. We can become so isolated by our work loads, family responsibility, and financial strains etc. etc. that we totally forget that we live in a densely populated country with almost as many single people as there are married (for the first time in history I might ad). There are literally millions and millions of single women out there but you’re not going to meet them, you’re not going to be “ready to receive”, if you keep doing things the same old way in your same old small life.

So what to do? Obviously you need to find ways to become well known to a larger group of people. Think of the popularity scale like a pyramid. So let’s look at some ways you can start moving your way up the pyramid:

Help others. Genuinely reach out and help others. Work with a local charity, mentor a kid, and help raise money for those in need. This is going to break you out of and increase your current social circle.

Hone Your Popularity By Getting Out In The Community

Be great at what you do and great at speaking about it. No matter what you’re good at there’s someone out there who wants to hear you speak about it – whether it’s selling Real Estate or refurbishing an old house. Join Toastmaster’s Int. and learn the skills it takes to be a great public speaker. The better your speaking skills the more organizations and events will ask you to speak. You can even make extra income and become a “star” in your particular field. Ever heard of a guy named Tony Robbins?

Become a blogger. All around the world people are hooking up, having meetings of the minds, and obviously romances via the network of blog sites.

Throw an annual event. Throw an annual party that becomes know as something not to miss, even better if you tie it to a charitable cause and help raise money and awareness through your event.

Promote yourself to the press. Press rarely just “happens” to you unless you’re already a celebrity, or you’ve been involved in some sort of situation that’s holding the public spellbound (like Amber Fry). The rest of us have to learn to court the press by sending them timely “press releases” about news and information the press will find of interest to the public. Again this might be about a charity event you’re involved in, or the fact that you’re opening a new business… and yes, you’ll have to contact each and everyone of the local press each time you do/or are a part of something that you believe is news worth. It’s also crucial to have a good professional photo of yourself if you’re going to go this route.

Put yourself forward as a “most eligible” bachelor. If your city or town has an annual “most eligible” bachelor auction or party let your friends and family know you’d be game. That’s a great way to garner instant popularity, the smaller the town the more popular you can instantly become.

Note, as you become more popular, as more people know who you are, more and more people are going to want your time and attention and they’re not all going to be attractive single women. Do your very best to remain as cordial and polite as possible, always keeping in mind that as your network grows wider and wider you’ll never know who will bring the right woman into your life. The more other people start “touting” you as a great catch the more single women are going to be curious about you and are going to start putting themselves in your path.

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