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She won’t call or return my calls

My Story – By Puzzled Guy:

I am a 25 year old male, never been married, no children.

I have recently gone out with a 23 year old with a six month old son. We went out one night together and talked, and from what I gather, and what she told me, I can tell that I made her very happy that night.

We talked and laughed and smiled like neither of us had in years. The problem lies on a few different levels.

First, both of us just left our former significant others, hers being the father of her child. While I’m not worried about me being on the ‘rebound’ nor am I really concerned that is the problem she is having, the real problem here is that she won’t call or return my calls, even though we had such a great time together.

I just don’t understand. I’m sure I didn’t do anything to offend her. I think that maybe she is just scared of getting too close too fast- understood. So the question then, what should I do to let her know that I really care about her, accept the fact that she has a son, and really want to be with her?

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1 thought on “She won’t call or return my calls”

  1. Dear Puzzled:

    Take a hint. If she isn’t returning your calls, she doesn’t want to talk to you. Maybe the evening didn’t go as well as you think, and she was just being nice. Or maybe, she had such a good time that it scared her — maybe she’s not ready to get involved with anyone, yet.

    Give her some time and space and maybe she’ll get in touch with you. Things may have been moving too fast. It takes time to get over a relationship, even a bad one. It’s never wise to rush into a new relationship, especially when there is a child involved.


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