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Prostitutes – hookers, call girls, escorts… yes or no? pros and cons of using prostitutes

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From offering a good romp to horny cavemen for sea shells and meat, to living luxuriously and La Vida Loca with men’s money, there’s no doubt that prostitution is a booming business. With the fuel of the business’s engine being the clients, it becomes important to evaluate their experience and find out if it’s really worth it to patronize prostitutes.

While the primary aim is sexual satisfaction, there are more reasons to why men hire prostitutes. Like the unconventional article this is, we will explore all the PROS of hiring prostitutes without leaving anything out.


Sex On Demand: With prostitutes, you can always get sex whenever you want it. And the question of she being in the mood or faking a headache doesn’t come up. Prostitutes are non-judgmental. And unlike your relationships with other women, they don’t hide the fact that all they want is your money. They don’t care if you are not their type, too old, married twice, divorced, or not handsome. No longer do you have to go through the uncertain journey of seduction and dating, or pretending to be interested in a woman, just because you want to have sex with her.

Variety: Even when chicken burger sandwich (wife, girlfriends) is your favorite snack, you certainly can’t have it everyday. You need varieties to get all your nutritional needs. The Escort business offers a lavish and exquisite menu of varieties for men. Aside from being able to get intimate with different types of women, of different body shape and race, you also get the benefit of having your sexual fantasies come through; fantasies that you are skeptical to tell other girls because you’re not so sure of their reaction.

Companionship: Escorts can be affectionate and accommodating if treated well. And it’s no surprise why quite a number of men hire them mainly for their companionship. They get to pour out their mind, discuss things they can’t say to their spouse or other friends, and they discover a friend in them.
Sustains marriage: At times, prostitutes are the individuals who keep marriages together. This is common with men who believe in staying in their marriage even when it’s totally messed up. Hiring prostitutes then becomes a means of getting the intimacy they desire without having to give up on their marriage.


Scam And Theft: Filled with quiet a large number of damaged and fraudulent women, you stand the chance of being robbed, exploited and worse blackmailed.

The Stigma: Only reprobates can publicly say they patronize escorts. All over the world it is a shameful and irresponsible thing to get involved in. No wonder it’s no surprise that hiring the services of escorts has ruined many careers, destroyed reputations and has also gotten public officials ejected from political offices.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: From HIV to Syphilis to Gonorrhea to Chlamydia is a plethora of sexually transmitted diseases that you definitely don’t want to get infected with. While some are curable, some like HIV which makes you susceptible to other diseases can only be managed. While Agency Escorts and Independent Escorts are usually screened of veneral diseases, the same can not be said about streetwalkers, bar workers, window workers and brothel employees. Another scary part is even with a condom you can still get infected with herpes which is also transmitted via oral sex. So it becomes important not to use a few moments of pleasure to destroy one’s future.

Cost: While many might argue that you pay one way or the other in all dealings with women, the truth is that hiring prostitutes is not always cost effective. Paying for sex is a demeaning act that costs men lots of money for temporary pleasures that are mostly devoid of emotions.

Illegal: Prostitution is Illegal in many countries and as a consequence you run the risk of soliciting services from an undercover cop. Most times they let the prostitutes go while you’re arrested and prosecuted. Aside from the stigma, fine or possibly jail time, you get a criminal record that not only hurts your chances of getting jobs but also haunts you for life.

Immoral And Against Religion: Aside from it being culturally immoral, many religions are against every act of prostitution. And this is evident in the book of proverbs 6:26, in the Bible which says, “A man can hire a prostitute for the price of a loaf of bread, but adultery will cost him all he has”.

Lack Of Transparency: Because prostitution has not been made legal in many countries, the business is not transparent. Thus you can’t be sure if you’re hiring someone who was forced into the business or someone who’s into it voluntarily. You can’t also be sure if the girl is under age or not. These and other important parameters are information that are not usually freely given to you.

Poor Substitute For Meaningful Relationships: While there’s no doubt that relationships are complicated, and must have cost you pain in the pass, hiring prostitutes will never surmount to half of the worth of meaningful relationships. With a good spouse, you can build a family or be surrounded by love with your dignity staying intact. Regrets is usually the end goal for the man that invests in prostitutes. You might damage your career, you might lose your family, you might get infected with a deadly disease, you might get arrested and you might go broke or bankrupt. So exercise self control and invest in meaningful relationships because in this case, probably not in every other case, sticking to the societal norm and following a moral compass will do everyone a lot of good.

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