The Phoenix Men are a fellowship that offers camaraderie and adventure to heartbroken, lonely or ageing men in the land of smiles…

“Every man can transform his world from one of LONELINESS, HEARTACHE or AGEING to one of excitement and adventure.”

Inspirational Poems For Men

A collection of poems written by A I Graham exclusively for Phoenix Men all over the world…


I knew I had to travel
On a journey through my mind
There among the recollections
A youth I had to find

A lad of curiosity and notions
Who felt the magic all around
In his carefree world of wonder
Treasures did abound

Each day was full of mysteries
Each lesson filled with awe
His thirst for life unconquered
His energy it was raw

His loyalty was unwavering
His innocence was quite pure
And on each challenge taken
His confidence was quite sure

I thought that I had lost him
To a nostalgic memory
But glancing into a reflection
I saw him gazing back at me

A step in the right direction

The journey has started
And you are on your way
To meet an adventure
At the end of the day

Your thirst will be quenched
Whatever your taste
As you take in the action
That is evenly paced

Tropical splendor
Amid vibrant friends
Creating good memories
That go on without ends

Enchantments awaits you
A mind blowing overload
Soon stops you from worrying
About holes in the road

Just bring a good attitude
And a suitcase of smiles
Think only in steps
Rather than miles

Step one you have taken
Next is two, three and four
Then before you know it
You’ll be asking for more

The Spirit Friendship

Who are the Phoenix Men I mused?
One day whilst perusing their site
Delving deeper I became aware
And thought their efforts were right

The actions of men reclaiming themselves
To flourish and becoming strong
Masculine pride, as was nature’s intent
Without being told it is wrong

Neither being condescending, or servile
Unfettered from the shackles of lies
No feelings of guilt for standing tall
With the strength of the moral and wise

Allied by what fate it had thrown
And bound by reality
Thus the essence of the Phoenix Men
A destined movement of camaraderie

Tides of Change

I was once afloat
In a tumultuous sea
With emotional wave
Washing over me

Pulling me down
Drowning in fear
Losing the path
To all I held dear

Astray in the mist
Of disarrayed loyalty
Betrayed by the feeling
Of what love should be

Hitting rock bottom
I looked around
Despair was the only thing
There that I found

Until hope said
‘Now fill your cup
From here on in
The only way’s up

Everyone is different
That’s the way that it is
With three sides to a story
The truth, hers and his

Accept the situation
And dust yourself down
Let go of the malice
Get rid of the frown

Rise with the morning
And float with the tide
Hold on to a dream
And accept the ride

For life’s ever changing
So go with the flow
Plant seeds of endeavor
And watch them grow

From the Ashes

From the ashes of my burden I did rise
To spread my wings and embrace the skies

Like the phoenix of ancient Greece, I was reborn
To welcome in a sunrise and new dawn

As my pulse began to race inside of me
My steps glided to the music of life’s symphony

And joy was rekindled in my soul
As my broken heart did heal and became whole

So, I swapped my life for something new
Some sunshine and seas so very blue

Now laughter is with me all the while
As I face each day with a smile

I am changing
I am feeling
As my dreams
One by one come true
I am flying
Instead of crying
As my dreams
One by one come true

Sweet Destiny

I offer you a part of me
My hopes and thoughts, my reverie
An open window for you to see
A glimpse of my sweet destiny

When this day has passed and gone
Your mundane life will carry on
For you must stay to face what it brings
While I am destined for other things

Thought the fates may seem quite strange
The status quo will surely change
So, I will pursue my dream of chance
For it is part of life’s romance

As I embrace its patterned course
Know all tears are not shed in remorse
So. share my dream and remember me
As I follow my sweet destiny

Unclouded Vision

I looked into karma
And what it did deem
I then looked at life
And what it should mean

I thought of fellowship
And what it stood for
And in the reflection
Here’s what I saw

I saw a man doing
What he felt was right
His mind had no hang ups
And he could sleep through the night

His sins were all menial
For his mind it was clean
And in the shadow of empathy
His heart could be seen

His spirit it soared high
For his soul it was free
And I thought to myself
Like him I shall be

In the right Direction

Sometimes it’s good to lose yourself
From life’s responsibility
To live through an adventure
That does set you free

To see the beauty in the world
And leave routine behind
To cleanse the soul of torpid ways
And to refresh the mind

Fear is only a fleeting feeling
While regrets will last forever
A danger faced and squarely met
So, the pangs of doubt will sever

They say you only live the once
But once is enough if done correct
If you embrace your fickle fate
Your dreams you can collect

The Adventure

As I undertake my journey
A trek of many miles
To a land of natural beauty
To the realm of endless smiles

It is a region of mystery
An enchanted land
A tract of vibrant beauty
A haven, Oh! so grand

A sophisticated cosmopolitan
Yet a zone of simplicity
Which hold a captivating culture
With magical scenery

A place of values, and traditions
Where ones soul can grow
And a thirst can be quenched
With a pleasing sensory overflow

A virtual paradise on earth
So, mortals can be free
A calm lull in the storm of life
Yes, Thailand calls to me

Kissing Clouds

Sitting on the roof top
Looking at the sky
Laid back and lazy
Watching clouds drift by

Life is free and easy
On this fine sunny day
As the heat does warm me
It makes the world OK

Closing my eyes I find
A notion that may seem
Far beyond reality
But then it’s just a dream

Sitting on a roof top
Looking at the sky
Laid back and lazy
Watching life drift by

Noises rising from the city
Are like music from a band
And as I close my eyes
I begin to understand

Bathing in the sunshine
Life is what you deem
And there just for a moment
I’m lost within the dream

Everything is undulating
Like drifting on the sea
Kissing floating clouds
In a rooftop reverie


Sitting here on the sofa
Too much time on my hands
Thinking the world is so alien
Is there anyone who understands

Trying hard to make sense
From the situation I’m in
But the impasse is a dead-end
All confusion, pain and no win

But I’m only human
When all’s said and done
Hard wired feeling
I’m treading on

Soul searching for the answer
Heartache, how long does it last?
I am at a crossroads
Got to get rid of the past

Got to find me a purpose
That does strike a chord
Or could I find the solution
If I talk to the Lord

But I’m only human
When all’s said and done
Hard wired feeling
I’m treading on

Yes I’m only human
So what can I do?
To move on with my life
And find happiness too

Picture It

Picture yourself in a world full of people
That still holds on to yesterday’s code
Step back in time to a community spirit
Where people will help with your load

A place where magical surroundings
Merges with exotic terrain
Where the serene exists with excitement
And friendships are there for to gain

Picture yourself in a safe environment
With attitudes of guaranteed zeal
Where the vivacious combines with the quiet
To give you a heart-warming feel

A land with a pulse strong and upbeat
That does invigorate your blood
Picture yourself coming to Thailand
Close your eyes and I bet that you could

Life has no limitations, except the ones we make.

  • FEAR: Give Phoenix Men the chance to prove to you that FEAR is a lie that exists only in your mind.
  • LONELINESS: Feelings of LONELINESS are proof that your innate search for connection is still intact.
  • AGING: Let me prove to you that age is not a barrier but simply a limitation you put on yourself.

Let Phoenix Men take you on an adventure that will change your life forever in a positive way. What do you have to lose? Sure beats sitting looking at four walls. The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences. Come Join Us!

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