The Phoenix Men are a fellowship that offers camaraderie and adventure to heartbroken, lonely or ageing men in the land of smiles…

“Every man can transform his world from one of LONELINESS, HEARTACHE or AGEING to one of excitement and adventure.”

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I believe the success of Phoenix Men lies in the personal attention that each Phoenix Man receives. Many past Phoenix Men have become personal friends. I received over 20 Christmas cards from Phoenix Men last year!

I can honestly say that running Phoenix Men has given me more satisfaction than anything else that I have ever done. It is a tremendous feeling to know that I have had a hand in helping change Phoenix Men’s lives in a positive way.

Over time It became more and more apparent after adventuring with Phoenix Men that the majority of them really wanted to find a long term partner, preferably an Asian partner. So after looking long and hard at the various online dating agencies, mail order bride type services I found there was a real need for something different, something more hands on, more caring, more one to one. Something that could reliably guide Phoenix Men through the customs and cultural differences and away from such pitfalls as have been reported in the media. With this in mind I have created an IN-DEPTH FAQs PAGE which I recommend you read thoroughly.

If I may quote Kenny, our first Phoenix Man:

“Thank you for helping me to open my eyes, guiding me and being there for me. An adventure that changed my life from a lonely, empty existence to a full and happy life with a beautiful, loving partner.”

Are you open to new experiences? Are you ready to live and to feel alive?

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