The Phoenix Men are a fellowship that offers camaraderie and adventure to heartbroken, lonely or ageing men in the land of smiles…

“Every man can transform his world from one of LONELINESS, HEARTACHE or AGEING to one of excitement and adventure.”

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I believe the success of Phoenix Men lies in the personal attention that each Phoenix Man receives. Many past Phoenix Men have become personal friends.

I can honestly say that running Phoenix Men has given me more satisfaction than anything else that I have ever done. It is a tremendous feeling to know that I have had a hand in helping change Phoenix Men’s lives in a positive way.

“GO GO GO… Just pack a bag and go. Thornton will meet you at the airport and all will be fine I promise you. You will have a great time. Just relax and be open about everything. The key is to expect nothing just go with it. You will look back in marvel. Thornton your a star.”

“What can I say? Life really is beautiful if you open yourself up and banish fear. Doubt and anxiety ruled me for so long, I feel kinda of silly as the reality to my fears were poles apart. I was well taken care of with Thornton. He really is a stand up man who I will stay in touch with.”

“A great two weeks with genuine people. Everyone was so down to earth and could not do enough for me. This was my first time in Asia and ALL my needs were catered for. Ta Thornton your a true Gent”

“I did so much in two weeks. I cannot describe the beauty, the people or the food, the whole experience has left me feeling refreshed and renewed. Life is a funny thing, it’s a fantastic feeling to know and befriend good people. A heartfelt thanks to Phoenix Men.”

“I wanted one last big adventure before it was too late. A great time with great people who I will stay in touch with. I can never thank all concerned enough. Absolute MAGIC!”

“Fear is a terrible thing. Since my wife passed six years ago lonliness has plagued me daily. I had a fantastic time in Thailand & can not thank Thornton enough.”

“Loneliness is crippling, it eats away at you.The people the places will stay with you and change you in a positive way. Thanks Thornton you made a massive difference.”

“I have been single for a number of years and never married. I found myself feeling quite down due to loneliness. I always wanted to see Asia, but never had the confidence to travel alone. I am feeling a lot more confident now, thanks to Thornton and all concerned. I will be returning under my own steam next year”

Are you open to new experiences? Are you ready to live and to feel alive?

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