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Perfecting the art of Flirting

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Flirting is normally the beginning of a possible passionate connection that is characterized by charming attraction and love. Flirting may achieve different results to fit varying situations. It is viewed as a preparation for casual sex by some, whereas for others it may lead to favors like pardon for an offense done and even a free drink to others. A minority believe that flirting can lead to a deep love relationship. Flirting is an art that has been practiced by many but mastered by a few. Here are some guide lines that will transform you from an uncomfortable mumbling fool to a smooth operator.

The greatest flirters are very confident individuals. The shy characters will have to mask this trait if they are to stand any chance in this game of flirtation. Confidence is a magnet that attracts people to you. People will always tend to hang around individuals who exude confidence. As your present your objectives accept any outcome that will arise. Acceptance will be a victory for you. Rejection is fabric that will strengthen you for future assaults.

Take charge. The flirt should never shy away from making the first move. If they are not successful in the first instance it should not deter them from trying again a different target. Taking the first step will always put one on the driving seat from would be competition as one would mark a boundary that will communicate that the prey is unavailable.

Listen. Always be available to listen to your target with undivided attention. Let her go on and on about her interests patiently. Eye contact is a winner as you listen to her talk. Your hands can be used creatively to hold her arm and also to gently pat her back when talking and laughing with her. This will melt the toughest of souls.

Read the body language. Body language communicates clearly if the lady is interested or not in your advances. If the coast is clear then you can progress to the next level but if there is a road block ahead you will need to exercise more patience and restraint as you seize up your prey. Never rush issues and let them take their natural course.

Flirts are always on the move to get the latest catch in town. Nine times out of ten they will capture their prey their Charm, hearty laugh and beautiful smile are the features that will contribute to their enviable success. There are times when they will meet challenges that will prove impossible for them to maneuver; however, this has never served as a deterrent. They have always stood up, dusted themselves up and moved on after facing great adversity. That’s who they are, basically.

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