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The Thais call it Krung Thep – City of Angels; others know it as Bangkok. But whatever name is used, this sprawling metropolis is one of Asia’s most captivating cities. It’s safe, friendly and easy to explore on your own, although the traffic can be awful and the constant hustle wearing. To escape the choked streets, a Bangkok-based friend says “travel by boat.” Like Venice or Amsterdam, much of Bangkok’s charm is riverine: the Chao Phraya river snakes through the Thai capital and sustains a network of klongs (canals) along its western bank – the Thonbori side.

Getting Around

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How Do I Heal A Broken Heart From Cheating?

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Hi Phoenix men, my name is Adam, I need a little help as I am going down hill fast.

My ex partner has been having an affair with my cousin. Whilst we have been separated I have been living at my Aunts house, my aunt is The mother of the man my ex partner is having the affair with.

I am really down & want to know when or if it will get better? I had my children with me at my Aunts house after school the other day, which was great.

My ex partner picked them up, and I Keep Reading

Wife Left Me For My Best Friend

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I’d really appreciate some views or advice please as I just don’t know what to do for the best. Sorry it’s a long one: My wife left me for BF (ex-friend of mine) about a year ago and we’re now divorced. I kept the kids (9, 7 and 4) and although she doesn’t give me any maintenance money she only works part time and still comes to my house to take and collect the kids from school so that I can go to work, so effectively I employ her as a nanny.

This means that they see her virtually every … Keep Reading

My Wife Wants A Divorce What Are My Rights?

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Hi all, well, as it says above, it would appear I am now just joining the ranks of the separated. I don’t have a clue what to do. My wife of 15 years decided to tell me on her 40th birthday, during a phone call, that our marriage was over, that she has been unhappy for years, and that I don’t listen to what she says, or understand her. Well, I obviously don’t understand her, because she caught me out of the blue with this call. My concern now, however, is what happens now.

I’m still living in the family … Keep Reading

Wife Left & No Longer Wants To See Kids

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My wife left me for her childhood sweetheart she reconnected with through Facebook. She has moved away from our area to set up home with this guy and is now pregnant by him. How do I tell the kids that their mum no longer wishes to have any contact with them ever again without them feeling totally worthless and knocking their self-confidence through the floor?

She phoned to say she is cutting off all contact with us. The kids will be asking soon when she is due to see them. Eldest boy has been texting his mum but gets no … Keep Reading