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My wife and her brother betrayed me for money

My Story – By Arron:

I used to think that I would be complete with my wife and have a happy home and family. I ignored the signs when we got married but then again, being accommodating and tolerant, I loved her dearly. For our first few years of being married we hoped for children but had miscarriages but finally had my beautiful daughter. I was able to take her to the doctors for checkups. I was there for her, giving her lots of support. I never held back my feelings. My trust for her was immense. Right now, I’m thinking I was really blind of being in love and staying faithful and true.

I cannot really say that my ex-wife was cheating on me but something within her was not right. That spark we used to share became so cold, she was the same woman I fell in love with. To tell you the truth, my friends and family told me she wasn’t the one for me. I just couldn’t understand how they would know this. It’s the look in my daughters eyes that kept me going through those perilous times.

We were barely married when the bridge came down tumbling. It was a betrayal that I felt only suicide could cure. It wasn’t adultery she committed. She knew about a business deal I was into and so collaborated with her brother to swindle me. How on earth did we even get there? I spend money on her, take her on my business trips and she was financially independent too having her own nail salon and hairdressing shop. I can’t really figure why she did this to me. I tried to make her understand that her brother had duped me of a business deal. All she did was to withdraw herself and act so cold to me and even my daughter.

Few months after realizing and coming to understand the fact that I was duped not only by her brother but also her, there were court cases for over a year, I had no support from friends and I was arrested for assault. Everything happened so fast that even in my home I felt like a refugee. I was totally rejected, lonely, and helpless. Julie watched me. She watched me without the sympathy of a friend or wife.

After being released on bail for the umpteenth time, devastated, I decided to pack my things and moved out. I cursed meeting Julie and her brother and hoped that somehow I would die but I didn’t. I was totally at my wits end and things were bad financially. Although I was very afraid and uninterested in women I began living again but painfully.

During this period I finally processed my divorce papers. Her lawyers and the law made sure I was eventually parted with more or less everything I had worked for throughout my adult life.

Sometimes love comes around and then it knocks you down, just get back up even when it really knocks you down. Now I am happy to share with you that I’ve found love again. I am thirty (38) and She’s thirty four (34) years. It’s been eight months so far and I feel young and excited. She gives me the energy I haven’t had in a long time. I wished I met her before Julie. At this point I will say that I am in love for the right reasons. I just want to be happy. I want to start my life all over again but frightened at the thought of presenting it to my current girlfriend even though she already knows most of what happened. She’s building my dream with me but I really want her to stay. I am already committed into this relationship.

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3 thoughts on “My wife and her brother betrayed me for money”

  1. Hi Arron, you have gone through a lot in life and I really do commend you for the fact that you got out of the whole drama. But you need to start life afresh now for the sake of your daughter and for your own sake. It’s a good thing that you have moved on and found love again but don’t rush into things this time. Be sure that she is the right one. Seek advice from some of your friends who would be able to view her from a more objective approach. Learn from the mistakes you made in the past and use them to shape your future. I really wish you all the best.

  2. Dear Arron, I can imagine how hurt you are especially when your better half and one of your most trusted persons in the world could have done such a thing to you. I feel when you figured out the spark in your marriage was going down the drain, you could have opted for a couple therapy session which helps a lot of broken relationships and also your ex-wife sudden change in behavior might have been due to post-partum side effect because a lot mothers go through this after giving birth. Some witness it for a short period of time while others take a longer period of time. But her going as far as conniving with her brother to swindle you and turn cold emotions to you afterwards is totally inhumane and I am so happy you found love again. Looking at things from a different approach, probably your relationship with Julie was at the wrong timing and moreover, some people are placed in your way to lead you to the right path. Although they might hurt you in the process but the most important thing is that you never stop being you and never stop being a good man.

  3. Wow! That is all I can say about your story Arron, you have been through a lot and I must sincerely commend you for being able to get back to your feet. We tend to see a lot of unbelievable betrayals in this world, like parents betraying their own children and even children doing the same to their own parents all in the name of money. I am really happy that you survived all through the tribulations and I sincerely hope that things only get better from here on out. Take out time to have fun with your daughter and your new girlfriend, let her know what you feel about her and hopefully you might just have your entire life back on track.


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