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My Ex With Her New Man – Jealousy

My Divorce Story – By Porter H:

Although I am 12 months “down the line” I still get my bad days. Although I am trying to remain friendly and co-operative with my X for the sake of the kids, my bad days tend to end up with me giving her a lot of “verbal” which I suppose makes me feel better at the time.

I started to wonder what triggered these bad days and how (if possible) I could try to prevent them. After being on my own for 12 months I have started to get used to the idea, strange but true. Although I never wanted to be on my own and loose the day to day contact with the kids I am now into a routine of having them for 4 days every other weekend and nearly always see them at some time in between.

I have noticed over the last few months that the one thing that still really upsets me is the time that my X is with her new man. This time is obviously when I have the kids and some weekends he brings his kids and stays with my X. My X’s man lives 120 miles away from her home, and from what I have heard he is a nice guy… but it really upsets me that she is with him and out socializing with “our” friends. Even some of my closest mates are going out with them for meals etc.

I think my problem is one of jealousy. He has got what I wanted, he has got the love of the person I once had. I know that they will be together this weekend and at this time I know that I wont get much sleep thinking of them together. I even had a relationship for a while, but I still felt this way. Some people say that I’m still in love wit my X … I don’t know.

Does anyone else have the same feelings? Or am I going mad with jealousy? I’d like to hear your comments and what to do…..

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  1. I am really worried this will happen to me. My feeling is that you make yourself busy and get on with life and another person will pop up out of the blue and you will not feel so jealous. I may be badly wrong there.


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