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Men and Loneliness: News 16th Oct 2018

Lonely old man put himself up for adoption

TIANJIN • Mr Han Zicheng survived the Japanese invasion, the Chinese civil war and the cultural revolution, but he knew he could not endure the sorrow of living alone.


Everyone Is Getting Lonelier. Here’s How Entrepreneurs Are Helping to Reverse the Trend.

People of all ages increasingly experience isolation.


Feeling lonely? Why a good nights sleep might be the ultimate cure

New studies have shown that sleep deprivation can make people feel lonely – and social isolation can disrupt sleep. It is vital to break the vicious cycle


Lonely people are twice as likely to die from heart problems

Research shows it’s bad news for those who live alone without support.


As a lonely young man online, I felt the lure of incel culture in all but name

Years before anyone heard of incels, I was part of the internet’s “manosphere”—and saw how vulnerable young men are being manipulated


Men and Loneliness: Fighting the Stigma

Six ways men can make connections and strengthen ones they have


Lonely man reveals how a desperate message saved his life and inspired others

Millions of people suffer from loneliness, and one man’s own situation has inspired others to help those in need


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