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Men and Loneliness: Loneliness Can Do Major Damage To Your Health

Loneliness Can Do Major Damage To Your Health

When we think of public health threats a lot of different things come to mind, not the least of which is climate change and all of the looming problems that brings. But have you ever considered loneliness as a health risk?


Feeling lonely and depressed? Your Facebook posts can predict mental health status

The language people use in their Facebook posts can predict the future risk of depression as accurately as the tools clinicians use in medical settings to screen for the disorder, according to a study.


Why Tackling Loneliness Needs To Be An Intergeneration Game

This week, the Government announced the launch of its first ever loneliness strategy to help tackle what it’s calling one of the greatest public health challenges of our lifetime.


Doctors Encouraged to Prescribe Art Lessons to Cure Loneliness

A range of activities including art lessons, cookery and dance classes could be prescribed on the NHS. Doctors will be urged to recommend social activities to patients suffering from loneliness, rather than drug-based treatments, as part of a new GBP£1.8 million government strategy.


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