The Phoenix Men are a fellowship that offers camaraderie and adventure to heartbroken, lonely or ageing men in the land of smiles…

“Every man can transform his world from one of LONELINESS, HEARTACHE or AGEING to one of excitement and adventure.”

Asian Women Versus Western Women

Aggressive Western woMAN

Marketing yourself as a man in this modern age of strong female archetypes offers just a bit of a conundrum. If I follow what society tells me to do, I am labelled a “good guy” who is taken advantage of, mistreated, and disrespected. In contrast, if I follow a more “assertive” biological imperatives, I am labeled a “jerk” or a “player

The politically correct culture has taken over and I understand the system is stacked against me. I have no desire to deal with modern western women any longer.

Why do most women come across as being so arrogant, aggressive and unapproachable now?

“I want to date a lady that is lady like. I am sick and tired of looking at profiles of drunk women covered in tattoos.”

Dating to me feels so futile, that it’s like I am fighting a long-drawn out battle that I’ll probably never win regardless of what I’ll try or how hard I try or even how much I let go and try my best to move forward.

The above statements are a recurring theme for a lot of men who I have either met in person or talked with via the Phoenix Men platform. Unfortunately, the statements are true; I can relate to a lot of it having myself been there and done it.

Why you should consider ditching the dating websites and apps.

The average online dating website costs $30 a month, and most men probably join two or three. They are paying for something that, for the majority of men, simply does not work, spending hours gazing at a screen winking and messaging women they will never meet.

Why would you want to under value yourself on a daily basis to women who in most cases are only interested in feeding their egos with likes, winks and messages sent by you and a 1000 other guys before and after you?

Aziz Ansari noted in his book, Modern Romance: The bad news is the average guy has to send out a whopping 114 messages to be guaranteed one response.

Western Dating Facts

  • In the West, women lie the most about: 1. weight, 2. overall outlook, 3. age, on their online dating profile.
  • Online dating can cripple your self-esteem and self-worth. It teaches us that being yourself isn’t good enough.
  • A whopping 42 percent of people on dating apps already have a partner.
Here’s the probability that a woman responds to a message from a man on The vertical access is the probability of a response, and the horizontal axis shows the age difference. The younger the man is, relative to the woman, the better shot he has.

I could ramble on for days about whether dating sites work or not, but I am pretty sure that you have been down this road and already know how it pans out. There are sincere women in the West looking for lasting, meaningful relationships, but sadly they are few and far between.


No matter how hard working and productive a man may be, for a lot of women in this day and age this is not enough. It’s a modern phenomenon with a lot of Western women. Through the media they have become emancipated, but for all the wrong reasons. They have been brainwashed into thinking they do not need men. These women will try to dominate and manipulate as they cast aside convention. Woe betide whoever, or whatever, interferes with their wrongly perceived ideas. It is not that the man is inadequate in any way, but that modern trends and laws have pushed a lot of Westernised women into becoming what they have become.

What do men REALLY want?

Look around your room, you have everything that you are supposed to have: a large TV, a smartphone, sofas, tables, ornaments and maybe even a car outside. You have everything except the basic needs a man desires. The feeling of being wanted, to be relied upon, a sense of purpose, a protector. COMPANIONSHIP!

Everyone needs to love and to feel loved in return. Love is a NATURAL state of being. I can sit here and promise you the world all day long, like the dating sites, the mail order bride sites and all the other websites peddling endless love for a fee.

Unfortunately this is not the way it works in the real world.

There are only two truths I can give you:

  1. If you are open and respectful during your Phoenix Men adventure then any-thing is possible.
  2. The vast majority of women you will encounter on your Phoenix Men adventure are traditional in every sense of the word: sincere, family oriented, loyal, loving, approachable, naturally beautiful and amazingly feminine, demure, well-mannered, dignified, lithe and full of pride in her ability to be a woman.

Over time It became more and more apparent after adventuring with Phoenix Men that the majority of them really wanted to find a long term partner.

If your serious about finding a long term partner, I can guide you through the customs and cultural differences and away from such pitfalls as have been reported in the media.

A lot of guys I meet put themselves down, guys going through a confidence crisis, usually after divorce: Who would want me? I am old, I am overweight, I am ugly, I am shy.

Phoenix Men quickly realise, during their adventure, that they are judged on their character and virtues and not their looks. Sadly, in today’s Western society, an extremely large amount of value and concern is placed on how one looks. It’s liberating for them to find a place where a man is judged only by the goodness of his heart and the strength of his integrity.

Anything Is Possible.

Anything is possible if you have the will and the right attitude. Advice and support for each Phoenix Man is ongoing, even after your adventure ends, as together we are a fellowship who can call on each other at any time for support where needed.

One of our very first Phoenix Men, Kenny, had such a great time with me first time around he re-booked about eight months later. It was during this time that Kenny met Nang whilst buying a t-shirt in a shop she worked at. Kenny and Nang are still together and are planning to get married. Kenny and I are in constant contact with each other: I have been helping Kenny with his long-term visa application as he is planning a new life here in the land of smiles with Nang (prior to his Phoenix Man adventure Kenny had gone through a very bitter, drawn out divorce). Read Kenny’s Divorce Story

Kenny And Nang
Kenny And Nang

“It really is like dating a woman from the 1950s. When I met Nang it was love at first sight. I got butterflies in my stomach, felt awkward, and did not know what to say around Nang. I was like a teenager in love, feelings I thought were dead inside of me were awoken. My advice is just go, keep an open mind, practice good manners and an easy attitude and have no expectations. I am alive and kicking. I am a Phoenix Man…”

It’s time to get up out of your chair and get out into the world pushing your limits and development as a man, improving yourself and living a life of purpose and meaning. Taking a more challenging, meaningful and fulfilling path.

Are you open to new experiences? Are you ready to live and to feel alive?

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