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Make The Right Moves With A Cool Chat Opener

A cool chat opener will take you closer to your dream date.

Some guys reckon they just don’t have any luck with girls they fancy. And not through lack of trying. They walk up, they smile and they have a cool chat opener ready. And usually, they’re not bad-looking either. Some are even quite charming. Yet they often get overlooked or totally ignored.

So if you’re one of these guys, then of course you can’t understand it. But have you ever wondered if you might be wasting your time on some girl who sees you as the ‘wrong type’ for her?

So next time, you be the one to suss her out first as the wrong type for you. And you’ll know she’s the wrong type if…

She only talks to very rich guys. Or only to rich, blond surfer types. She only has eyes for guys in flashy cars or to those she reckons will take her on expensive holidays abroad. She only talks to guys with movie-star looks. She only…

Anyway, you get the drift. So why bother? Why waste a good chat opener? Just walk away without a single backward glance. Go talk to someone nice instead.


  • On the other hand, maybe the girl was worth pursuing but your chat opener didn’t impress her? Not sure? Then try asking yourself:
  • Was I getting a bit drunk? Or slurring badly with some of my words?
  • Maybe I startled her when I came up from behind to grab her by the waist?
  • Did she catch me scanning the room, looking at other girls, even as I was walking up?
  • Was I too obvious? Like putting my mouth too close to her ear while I was speaking?
  • And did she see me hitting on her sister earlier?

If you answered Yes just once, you may have a problem. And more than one Yes means you can forget about getting any nice girl to talk to you. She’ll know you’re not interested in chatting anyway.

COOL CHAT OPENER: Boost Your Chat Image

All right, some of you reckon you didn’t put a foot wrong, yet the girl flounced off pretty quickly. If so, ask yourself:

  • Do I look a mess? Am I badly lacking in the personal-hygiene department?
  • To be blunt, do I stink? Do I have bad breath? Dirty fingernails? Dandruff?

No? You just look a bit grubby? Well, you’d still have to do something about that. Most girls like their guys to look clean. So the cleaner you look, the better. And get a good haircut or see a dental hygienist, if you need to.


You’re squeaky clean, yet still have no luck? Especially with the slim and pretty girls – the very ones who appeal to you? Well, maybe that’s because they see you as a mismatch.

So are you overweight? Badly overweight even? If you are, then take action. Go on a diet. Go to the gym. Go as often as you can. It takes some grit and perseverance – but you can do it.

And motivate yourself. Consult a fitness trainer or get hold of your own personal nutrition and fitness plan – one that’s tailor-made for you.

Aside from giving you better pulling power, getting trim will work wonders for your health and confidence. So do make a start.

All the best, guys!

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