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It seems bizarre that she can have an affair & get me to move out!

My Divorce Story – By Mark P:

I am sure this is not a new thing but I discovered my wife was having an affair about 6 months ago and she is continuing to see him. She goes out two or three times a week leaving me with our two kids (whom I adore). I find it really painful to watch as she prepares herself for these evenings out. She wants me to move out of the marital home of 18 years and find another property. She is only prepared to give me about 30% of what the property is worth.

We have yet to tell the children, 11 and 8, although they wonder where she goes out to.

It seems bizarre that she can have an affair, get me to move out, take the lions share of the value of the house, and dictate terms about access to the children. Anyone else been in a similar situation?

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1 thought on “It seems bizarre that she can have an affair & get me to move out!”

  1. Welcome to the club of men whose women want their cake and eat it. It is astounding how the law has changed in 30 years to a situation where their are some women who now see marriage as a charter to do whatever they want. You can do nothing about it. She regards you as just the baby sitter. I bet she is even petitioning for divorce on the grounds of your unreasonable behavior.

    Whatever you do do not move out Edward. You may well find that your income is less than your outgoings after you are paying rent elsewhere. In addition your bargaining power will cease as she has no incentive to solve to pay you out.

    She may even move her man in and your children after a while will regard him better than you (mainly because he can afford to give them treats and you will just be trying to survive).

    One other thing women keep coming up with this 30% idea. If she is earning and there is sufficient equity to cover the children’s housing then 30% is too low. I believe a lot of women go for divorce out of greed because that sounds like a nice split when they advised this by their solicitors.

    One thing you may consider is to apply to be the resident parent. The law is biased against you but more men are achieving it.

    The best solution for a man is to never marry in the first place.


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