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Is It Normal To Feel Lonely?

My Loneliness Story – By Jack:

I have always heard about people’s stories concerning loneliness and I never quite understood it until now. The way my life is heading is really not encouraging. I’m in my thirties and I have a good job, a car and a decent apartment. Yet, I feel this emptiness inside. A type of loneliness that brings nothing but sadness and I just don’t understand how it happened. At work, I don my mask and pretend that all is well. These days, the loneliness has got such a tight grip on me that I don’t look forward to going home anymore. Staying after work hours has now become more pleasant. It is not like I’m a total loner, I do have friends but they are not so close. They are the type to watch sports with and have a few laughs. Not the type to open up to.

I thought maybe it was due to my single status so I tried having a girlfriend, but it didn’t work out. Ever forgotten that you are in a relationship? That was my case. I missed date nights and birthdays. It was that bad. How can I be capable of love when I’m feeling so depressed? Even though it has not gotten too serious that I’ll ever consider hurting myself or resorting to drugs. I came here to pour my heart out and hope you guys can relieve the pain I’m feeling. Is it normal to be lonely?

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3 thoughts on “Is It Normal To Feel Lonely?”

  1. Jack, It gladdens my heart to know let you know that you are not alone in this. It’s quite normal for one to be lonely at a certain point in life, but the problem is with prolonged or chronic loneliness. I too have experienced loneliness before and it is not an abnormality. But for me, it started after I got divorced. Everything looked gloomy for a while, but things turned around after some time. I believe time will heal the pain but more importantly, I believe if you could take some time to source the cause of the loneliness, it will help you get better hastily. I’m pretty sure you have been happy at some point in your life. Could it be a change in environment or a loss of a loved one? Try finding the event that triggered all these sadness you are feeling then you will be able to find a solution.

  2. It’s a good thing that this site exists. It’s relieving to know that there are people who relate to your problems. Jack, you are still young and have your life way ahead of you. I was expecting to see something about you being divorced but I never did. This is another level of depression and loneliness you would not wish on anyone. You being single saves you a lot of trouble but it has kept me wondering could it indirectly be that your work is adversely affecting you because I once had a job that never made going home appealing. Was the job fun? Hell no! But I realized that when I got home, I was unusually sad and always worried about where my life was headed. However, when I was at work I did not worry much about that. I was like an emotionless robot. I suggest that you should try to find another job. Find a job you love and see if it brightens up your life.

  3. Loneliness can be such a terrible affliction as I have once experienced it. The pain is generally misjudged as people do not understand how it works. It’s a mental condition that somehow controls most of your physical state. It gets even worse that you may find it difficult in letting people know that you are lonely.

    For me, I could be at parties or other social gatherings and still feel like the only one in the room. Like you, I also had a few non-intimate friends and I could not pinpoint the source of my depression but I just knew it was perilous to continue living life like this. My solution was actually quite surprising, a psychologist associate of mine told me that I suffered from the inability to care and proposed I adopted a pet. I found this funny but I followed the advice and got a dog. I must say my life has changed since then. Now, there’s this furry little thing I get to walk, feed and care for daily.

    I’m no longer lonely as it calms my mood and makes me laugh too. It’s almost like it reads my emotions. This solution may not necessarily work for you but you can try visiting a shrink and find what is making you feel this way.


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