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Indecisive girlfriend has me confused

My Story – By Jack:

About a month ago, my girlfriend and I broke up. We had been going out for 7 years, breaking up occasionally but always getting back together. We had been arguing towards the end of the last month we were together and things weren’t really going good anymore. We talked about breaking up, and I was actually against it, because I thought we could sort things out.

She told me that she thought we should break up, and she seemed pretty sad. The same day when I went home she told one of her friends that she thinks this one guy is really hot. She told her friend that maybe they would be together by Christmas break, and she seemed really excited about it. I found out about this the same day, and confronted her about it. She said she was really sorry and didn’t know why she said that.

A few days later the guy she thought was hot finds out we broke up. He then talks to her later that night and asks if she wants to hang out sometime. The next day they hang out, and go out on dates for a couple weeks. During those two weeks we continue to talk and every time we do I get very angry with her, and don’t understand why she’s doing this. She had never met the guy before, and knew of his reputation. He’s known for being a player, and the day before they hung out for the first time, he had fooled around with two other women, and tried getting with another. This is probably what bothers me most, because I know he is a player because he USED to be one of my friends. He would always brag about what he did with other women and always talk about getting some.

Well after about two weeks he asked her out and she says yes. Just before that, she had told me she still likes me a lot and really misses me. She says she doesn’t really know if she likes him because she knows how he is, but she does nothing about it, even though she knows I would like to get back together.

After they have been going out for about a week she begins thinking he is really sweet and all that. He treats her very nicely I hear, but that’s what he does with all his girlfriends, but eventually he breaks up with them when he finds someone else or is done getting what he wants. She knows all this, but she thinks he’s changed because he acts so nice towards her.

She still says she likes me, and that she may even still love me, and that she misses me a lot when they aren’t together. When they are together though she says she feels great. We talk off and on, like we will talk for a few days and not talk for a few days. Usually because she will email me saying she still likes me.

I don’t want her to get used, and I’m afraid she’s going to really start liking him and get played. She isn’t the type of girl that puts out a lot or anything, actually it took us about 6 weeks till we even fooled around.

For some reason I still want her back, but I don’t know if that will happen. She says she likes things with him because things are new and fun again. Yet, she still says she misses me. She also says she doesn’t know if things would work now between us. If I want her back what should I do? Should I try not talking to her, or should I talk to her more? I’m afraid if I stop talking to her for a while she’ll start to like him a lot, but I’m also afraid that if we talk a lot, I’m just gunna keep getting dragged along while they go out. I miss her a lot, and I want to try and make things work again, but no matter what I say, she stays with him, but says she does still like me and has feelings for me. So yea, I need some advice badly.

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1 thought on “Indecisive girlfriend has me confused”

  1. It sounds like your girlfriend just isn’t ready to settle down. It could be that she keeps saying that she has feelings for you and wants to be friends because it is kinder than the truth.

    Maybe when she found someone else so quickly, it stirred some jealousy in you and made you think that it could still work. This is not unusual.

    To avoid continued pain, I’d suggest that you let her go and not try to win her back. Let her go completely, in your mind, and try to move on with your life. It may be that in time the two of you will come together again.


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