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I’m lonely and Isolated

I think of myself as a very smart person and I have always imagined a specific career path for myself. But turns out life doesn’t always grant one’s wishes. Consequently, I’m working at a firm that only piles more misery into my life. The pay is pretty much basic, the working hours are exhausting and I pretty much have no time to do anything. To crown it all I have an annoying boss who only lives to frustrate my life. Most times I get home very exhausted and wake up to the thought of another dreadful routine. The cycle has really been depressing because I don’t even have time to hang out with the few friends that I have. When they’re free on weekends I’m either binge watching Netflix while resting from exhaustion or on duty at work. I have never felt this lonely and isolated before.

These days, I get so stressed out that I can’t even keep a relationship. And the idea of getting involved in one really stresses me. I am afraid that if I continue this way I will reach a breaking point in my life that I may not be able to recover from. Even though I make conscious efforts to fight these negative emotions every day, what more do you think I can do to stop feeling this way? Charles

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3 thoughts on “I’m lonely and Isolated”

  1. Hi man, I can totally relate to the life of taking a different career path from what you have envisioned for yourself. You know the adage that says, ‘when life gives you lemons you make lemonade’, I think that is what you should use as your watchword. I work in a place where there is no career development, but now I don’t even care. I try to get involved in things that make me happy and push the negative emotions to the side by taking my off days to rest and not think about what might have been. Nobody will ever make you happy apart from yourself, not even your job, friends and things you think you love doing. You need to find what makes you happy again and go for it. Most importantly start seeing the positive side of things and take a chance on happiness.

  2. I plead with you in all that’s good to never ever allow your work especially if it’s a crappy job to ever take you away from what you should be doing or what you should enjoy. You are working for another man and while you may not have your own thing you are doing now, you are still young and can still look for something more fulfilling. In your later years, if you don’t address the issue now and prioritize yourself above your work, you will end up with regrets.

  3. You just have to suck things up, keep up with the flow till you get to the top. It’s pretty much like eating your vegetables, so you can be strong as well as get a chance to eat dessert. Hard times don’t last, only strong people do. But if it’s that bad, you can just quit. As regards feeling lonely, I really feel you should start going out of your way to make friends. You can always start with your co-workers and when you are off duty you should consciously make time for friends. Isolation heralds depression, so try to mix more.


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