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I was unfaithful to my girlfriend!

Evelyn and I were together right from our college days, we were college love birds. We were so drunk in love and had dreams we wanted to build together. She always wanted to own a fashion store and since I am not a novice in the fashion industry, we planned on working towards it together. Everything went smoothly for us, although we had our fair share of the fights, it was not usually for long. We always found a way to settle our fights within a short period of time.

After graduation, it was hard to keep up with our lives, she started managing her dad’s company and I got a nice paying job. Since we didn’t stay close to each other, we only saw during the weekend. I was happy with Evelyn and every time we met I tried to make the most out of it. But keeping up with our relationship started getting hard for me. I started feeling left out like I was yet to enjoy my life. So I started going to a club with my colleagues from work and they were not really the kind of guys that were into relationships. Most times I got teased about my relationship but I just laughed it off whenever they brought it up and I felt I had control over things because I was not the kind of guy to give into peer pressure. Until one night I lost control, I went out with my colleague and they got to me and hooked me up with a girl. She was beautiful and irresistible I must confess and it all went wrong from there.

We started talking, her name was Ria, she was fun to be with and quite entertaining too. I let her know right from our first meeting that I have a girlfriend and she was cool with it. We started hanging out a lot and we ended up having sex but I wasn’t comfortable with it and I felt like a cheat because Evelyn was my life and I feared what she might think of me or do if she found out that I cheated on her. I had to cut all ties with Ria and she understood, she was actually a very understanding girl. I tried to move past what happened and live in the moment but something inside of me kept telling me I was going the wrong lane if I didn’t tell Evelyn what happened. So I braced myself and invited Evelyn over for the weekend. She looked so happy to see me or I didn’t know if it was the guilt that was making me see things differently. We went to eat out and truthfully speaking that night felt different and some part of me didn’t want it to end. We had loads of fun but everything got ruined after I finally confessed to her. She wept, lamenting on how she stayed faithful to me and I rubbed it all over her face by cheating on her.

Evelyn was not really the calm type when she got angry. She packed her luggage and stormed out of my apartment. I felt disturbed, followed her but she didn’t want to see me and the next thing I knew was that she went back home and told me not to ever call her again. I felt depressed as there was nothing I could do. I went to her apartment but she kept refusing to see me. I asked her friends to talk to her which they did. This went on for some time after which she forgave me and we moved ahead. Things went smoothly for us and we moved in together since she was willing to get a new job. We got engaged and suddenly it was as if I made the worst mistake of my life. She became so overprotective and jealous that she started snooping around and things were not how it used to be anymore. She would flinch every time she spotted me talk to a girl even if it was a colleague from work.

I felt choked and talked to her; I reminded her that my cheating on her was an honest mistake and I was totally sorry for what I did and the past wouldn’t repeat itself again. She apologized and admitted that she was scared and didn’t know if she could trust me again. So we decided to work things out but instead of her changing she became worse and one day she walked up to me and gave me back her engagement ring which was a symbol of our love and said she wasn’t interested anymore. I felt sad and broken, at that point I didn’t know what to do as I watched her leave my life forever. I know cheating on your spouse is a terrible thing to do but I told her the truth, didn’t it count? This is the question that keeps running through my mind.

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3 thoughts on “I was unfaithful to my girlfriend!”

  1. Hi , what you did was very courageous and I get you. You didn’t want to build your relationship on lies but not everyone can handle being cheated on. You could have done worse if it were to be the other way round. But also not every man can admit to cheating on their spouse and I feel probably she started seeing you differently and she couldn’t take it anymore and lets be practical, the fact that you both have been together since college up until your mistake happened makes it obvious that she loves you too and her making such a decision calling off your engagement must have been hard for her too.

    If not for anything, the fact that you chose to remain truthful to your spouse should count for something. The problem is just that not everyone can handle being cheated on. But I just want to implore you to look forward to your next relationship and add what you learnt from your past relationship to your next one and open your heart to love and who knows, the latter might worth being left for.

  2. I must really admire your courage and your show of respect and commitment to your spouse. For you to have remained faithful to her for all those years also really goes to show your love for her, but there is a general notion of ladies that once you cheat on them, you could always do it again.

    The truth is anyone can be tempted into cheating on their spouse but I think you broke the trust that your wife had for you when you did. All you could do now is try to reassure her of your commitment to the relationship and try to see if you can win her trust back. I would also advise that you two seek professional help so as to savage the relationship.

  3. I want you to know that no one is perfect, we are all humans and all we can do is work towards perfection. I personally feel cheating on your partner is not a right thing to do but in your case I think all I can say is no one is perfect. I know how long distance relationship can be like, I have been in one and it wasn’t really easy for me with all other girls around and trying to stay faithful, but when I saw that it was getting to me more often I had to talk to her and told her how I started feeling around other ladies and that is why in a relationship, communication is key.

    You should be able to discuss all this stuffs with your partner and yeah, I know not everyone would understand but still you just have to let them know and who knows talking about all this minor issues with your partner might prevent the big issue “cheating” from happening.


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