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I think my wife is seeing someone else!

My Story – By Adrian:

My marriage is probably not going to last much longer. We’ve only been married a couple of years, and have no children. My wife wants to separate temporarily and work toward getting back together. She won’t talk about what’s bothering her and she is not acting like she wants to work at our marriage. She turns down invitations for us to go out with friends, and yet, she jumps at the chance to go out drinking with her girlfriends. I’m also noticing that she drinks more these days, and that worries me. I think she’s been lying about her whereabouts, and last night she was out all night. Our marriage got off to a bad start.

We met in the armed services and spent our first year mostly apart. I don’t feel that we ever got to know each other. I sense that things bother her, but she doesn’t like to talk about her feelings. I’m hurt because I think she’s seeing someone else and I can’t seem to get her to talk about it. We get along pretty well, but we don’t really talk on a personal level. I’m trying to hang in and give her all the love I can, but I’m not getting any love in return. I love her and I really don’t want to split up our marriage, but I feel pretty lonely and hurt these days. Is divorce the way to go?

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1 thought on “I think my wife is seeing someone else!”

  1. Adrian your wife is telling you both directly and indirectly, verbally and non verbally, that she wants to back out of the relationship. I can understand how painful this must be for you, especially when there doesn’t seem to be an explanation. You mentioned that your wife is not talkative. It also seems that you are having some difficulty pursuing information that you are entitled to have as her husband. In addition, the first year of marriage was spent apart, and you lost some valuable bonding time. I would strongly suggest that you and your wife seek professional counseling to learn communications skills and express your honest feelings in a controlled and facilitating environment.


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