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I have been divorced for 5 years but still haven’t gotten over it

Submitted By Sven:

I have been divorced for 5 years but still haven’t gotten over it. My wife left me so she could “find herself.”

She found herself living with some other guy about 2 weeks after she left. But for some reason I still can’t get over it. [She was] my second wife. She has 2 kids that I really care about. I have a daughter from my first marriage. I felt so strong about our family and wanted everyone to be happy.

I tried dating but that didn’t work out. I got the house in the divorce settlement and have tried to redecorate it but I still feel her presence. I can’t afford to sell and really just want to get on with my life. How do I get over the hurt? I don’t feel like I want to every put an effort into a relationship again.

But I do get lonely.

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1 thought on “I have been divorced for 5 years but still haven’t gotten over it”

  1. Hi Sven, I think part of the reason you’re having such a difficult time healing from your divorce is because family is so important to you. It’s left you feeling empty and terribly insecure about forming new relationships.

    Lots of people have trouble moving through the stages of divorce grief. But after 5 years of trying unsuccessfully on your own, it’s time for you to seek the help of a good counselor. He or she will help you see where and why you’re stuck in the recovery process. Until you do that and can let go of the disappointments of the past, you won’t really be able to invest yourself in a healthy new relationship.


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