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I Am Very Lonely With NO Real Friends

I currently reside in Peckham, London. I have been living here all my life. I get to interact with people a lot and I can say that I know a number of people but the truth is that I cannot really call any of them my friends. Most of my colleagues at work believe that I’m a jovial and lovable person, but beneath all those jokes, the truth is that I’m very lonely.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to start a conversation with anyone, but whenever I have the chance to talk with people, I end up making a lot of jokes and the other person either thinks I’m weird or assumes that all is fine with me. But all isn’t, really. It gets frustrating as I start to feel that no one really gets me. They all just see me as a jester and forget that I need some comforting too.

My ex-girlfriend used to always complain that I hide behind sarcasm and banter to avoid serious conversations, and it’s until now that I realized how right she was. I feel like I really need help, I don’t just know what to do anymore. I really need some advice, maybe I’m just seeing a problem where there is none or is there something really wrong with me? Thank you in advance Henry.

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3 thoughts on “I Am Very Lonely With NO Real Friends”

  1. Henry, I think I get what you mean, I have had the same issue as yourself but the truth is that over the years, I have come to realize that it is better when you say what’s really on your mind rather than joking about stuff all the time. The truth is that; the more we joke around, the less serious people take us and the more they assume that all is just fine with us. Plus, you only make friends by having meaningful conversations. So I suggest that you should begin to work on your people skills and learn to express yourself better so that you can have intimate conversations with people.

  2. Howdy, am a bit of an introvert myself and most times I get really lonely. What I have learnt to do over the years is to get more involved with some of my colleagues at work. They understand the fact that I don’t talk very much and they respect that, but the fact that am introvert hasn’t prevented me from checking on them once in a while and asking them how they are really doing.

    By doing so, they became closer to me and have begun to understand how I do feel too. Now I have friends who get me and who care about me as well. I will suggest that you too should try the same. Find one or two people and get close to them, check on them once in a while and you will come to realize that they just will care about you the same way. I am sure you will be OK

  3. I understand what you mean, and I think the major issue is that you find it difficult to talk to people and so the jokes are just a means of hiding that fact. The sad thing is that it has become a part of you. I will suggest that you actually begin to work on your communication skills and try to have more serious conversations with people around you.


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