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I Am Lonely & Depressed

My Loneliness Story – By Tony:

Hi, I’m Tony. I recently had to move to Los Angeles as I felt the need to try my luck in a new city. I have been here for 6 months now and I currently work in an insurance company where the daily demands could be sometimes overwhelming, but I try to cope.

I have been in the company for about five months now, but I hardly have time for myself which makes it quite difficult to even try to make friends. I get home rather exhausted and head straight for my bed, but most times I am already up at 2 or 3 in the morning and this is when I fully realize how lonely and truly depressed I am. I feel so tired most times that I just wonder why I need to keep on living like this every day.

I have thought about ending it so many times but then I can’t bring myself to do that. The major problem is that my mood is starting to affect my work and I wouldn’t want to lose my job as I barely even make enough to go by. I really need help. I do not know how long I can keep holding on. Please guys, is there a way I can overcome these negative emotions? I fear that I might do something really foolish one day. I can not even talk to women on the occasions I have tried to chat up or even talk to a woman they are just so aggressive and unapproachable. What the hell!


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3 thoughts on “I Am Lonely & Depressed”

  1. Wow! Tony, I understand how exhaustive a new job might be most times. With the exception of people who find it very easy to adapt, most people who get a new job find it very difficult to cope on the first few months. And the fact that you have moved to a new city will make it a tad bit difficult. But I will advise that you should try to interact with those at your workplace. However tedious work might get, there’s always a chance to say hi to someone, or ask how their day has been. And who knows you might begin to get over your depression and learn to interact with people more.

  2. Hi Tony, I get what you mean, but I will suggest that you should try to interact with those around you a bit more. You are in a new city where no one really knows you. A simple hi to your neighbors early in the morning is a very good way to start a friendship. I get that you are usually stressed out by the time you are leaving work, but the fact that you are awake by midnight suggests how worried and alone you are.

    Mental health is really important, so I’ll suggest you call your family for support and try to reconnect with your friends. Also I totally agree with you regarding the vast majority of women being totally unapproachable, were living in crazy times.

  3. Tony I would have suggested that you get professional help, but am not sure that you can afford that. In as much as you are majorly tied up all through the week, I will want to ask what you do with your weekends, I will suggest that you should take up a sport or try to join a gym, where you will get to interact with people a lot more and prevent yourself from thinking all the time.

    Try to find a church close to you or a societal group around you. If you get more involved with people that share similar goals, you will find out how easy it is to get out of your depression. It worked for me. Take care and try to think positive mate.


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