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Gold Digger Wife Used Me Then Divorced Me

My Story – By Tony:

When I think of my life, at times I just see it as a fairy tale that turned sour. I grew up in a loving family of five and I can say to an extent that I had a good childhood. Growing up, I was a total nerd, well I’m still a nerd anyway. Being a book worm and coupled with the fact that I was reserved and easy going, only drowned by socialization skills. I had a tiny social circle which comprised of nerdy kids that I had things in common with. From playing games to re-acting Sci-Fi movies, we really had fun. Thank God they’re still part of my life.

I must have loved my books more than anything in the world. While it landed me a well paying job, it sure made a mess of my love life. I have always had it difficult with women, so it was surprising when Deborah who was way out of my league started showing interest in me. I was skeptical at first, but she was not like the gold diggers out there or so I thought. So I took a chance on the fairy tale and believed in the chick flick. “In the end the lame good guy gets the hot girl just because he has a good heart”, so I thought.

I had the best year of courtship and for the first time in my life I found true happiness in a woman. The first year of our marriage was awesome as well, and we were blessed with a beautiful daughter. But suddenly my wife gradually became cold towards me. Things were going great at work, I was providing more than she could actually spend but we were growing apart for some reasons which I couldn’t place my fingers on. I tried to make things work, and actively got more involved in the house, still all efforts to make the marriage work were futile.

It was no huge surprise when she served me divorce papers, and yet I still pleaded. She said she didn’t love me anymore but I knew there was more to the story. So one day, I threatened to take an overdose if she didn’t give me a true explanation. It wasn’t until then that I realized that my wife is nothing more than a gold digger who got tired of bad boys and settled for me the responsible guy, after enjoying her hoe phase. My fairy tale was a lie and she never cared about me. To make it worse she was having an affair with a low life ex of hers who did not even have a job. I guess he was more fun. This really made me bitter and sad.

I hated myself for being so stupid and getting exploited in a major way. I became another person entirely. She walked away with a ton of stuff, a property and a healthy monthly chunk of my salary. The thought of her, and seeing her always filled up my heart with so much hate. In the end she filed a restraining order against me.

Now my self esteem is in rags, I have a daughter many miles away, and my life is devoid of happiness. I still have my job and enough money, yet there’s still a huge hole inside me and I don’t think I can ever trust anyone. I hope time heals me like they say.

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3 thoughts on “Gold Digger Wife Used Me Then Divorced Me”

  1. Hi Tony, I must really sympathize with you. You have really gone through a lot. The truth is; it hurts to find out that your innocence has been exploited. The same has been done to me. I must also congratulate you for being able to get yourself back to your feet, but it is time for you to move on. You need to work on making sure that you get your life back on track as this is the only revenge you could have on her, you also need to come up with a plan that could help you see your daughter. Seek legal advice from professionals. Also, in as much that there are a lot of ladies out there who are just gold diggers, we still have some few good ones among them. Try to still give love a chance and who knows? It just might turn out well.

  2. Hi tony, just try to carry on with your life, at times people don’t know what they have until they lose it. You were probably too good for her and most times I wonder what the deal with women is? What do they really want? She was probably too used to bad boys or your personality type didn’t match. Just try to be there for your kid and build yourself up. I feel you should go out more, meet people more, engage in intellectual conversations and just try to make the most of your life. I believe, along the way you will meet the right lady that suits your personality type and you guys will be good together. Don’t try to change for anyone or to suits anyone’s taste. All you should do is be the better version of yourself.

  3. Hi, I feel what happened to you definitely had nothing to do with your personality. The woman was just callous! No matter what personality type we have, there is always someone out there that will love us for who we are. The world they say is a place of learning, it is actually OK to feel the way you feel, I mean, who wouldn’t? You were just unfortunate to have found happiness with a she-devil who had an ulterior motive which would only ruin you and shatter you into pieces. But life I guess would always be life, just let the past slide and look forward to better days ahead since you are doing well for yourself.


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