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First Date Ideas – Where to Go on a First Date

Want to set the mark without overrunning the base? Learn how to plan a first date that makes her beg for a second one. Unless she has been pining away to nail you anyway, the first date can make or break your chances for romance or even round two. You have to make the date unique without going overboard and smothering her, or worse embarrassing her. If you’re wondering where to go on a first date, the following are some great first date ideas that should do the trick.

Unique First Date Ideas Without Going Overboard

Plan the date or have no plan at all. The worst thing you can say to each other on a date is, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

That can be a real mood killer, so I generally have a plan. This is a first date not, a commitment ceremony, so keep it simple and stay local to her house. She will feel more comfortable if she is having a great time is not far from home. So if you can, find a bar that is walking distance to the restaurant you want to dine at.

Park the car at the restaurant, walk to the bar, have a drink and order an appetizer. Food is cheaper than booze and sharing food is intimate. She will have a quick bite with her drink and then you will walk back to the restaurant. Now at the restaurant she will eat less and maybe drink less too. She has now tried two new spots with you and you look like you put thought into it.

Take your time when you eat and when she asks questions, make sure you give a detailed answer allowing her to eat. Be sure to finish all your answers with a QUESTION. Any date is a good one to a woman if she thinks you are listening to her, so ask her questions about her job, friends hobbies and personal life.

Another great first date idea dates back to the real olden days, the county fair.

If there is a fair, or carnival in town, it can be a ton of fun for both of you to walk around playing cheap games and look good doing it. If you are a lousy shot, then play that game first! She will see you be humble and you may easily score a kiss for trying. If you are good shot, you will definitely score a kiss for winning. Then take her on a ride that will make her scream or hold your hand.

The more fun she has the more fun you will have bucko!

Attention to Detail – Where to Go on a First Date

Before date number one make sure you do your homework. Hopefully you have had a conversation or two with your girl before date number one. If you want to plan a decent first date then listen to her conversation, and ask questions. If you know she likes chocolate but don’t know what food she likes, then before the date go out and buy a SMALL box of chocolate or even a regular candy bar (funny). Keep it in your pocket and if you can tell she is losing interest, pull it out and say, “how about some chocolate”. She will think it is both cute and thoughtful.

Other “details” might plan the date for you. If you don’t want to do the bar and dinner thing, then invite her to meet you out at a bar with a pool table. Have fun playing her or teaching her how to play (sexy). If you are feeling it and it is warm enough out, then go to a pizza place, order the pizza to go, and go to a park or the beach or an “overlook” and just hang out. She will dig it, and it’s romantic (as long as both of you ate the garlic pizza).

Casual and simple appeal to women on first dates because many have a preconceived notion of how it will go anyway, so surprise them.

Here is my favorite first date when I am capable of pulling it off. I cook for the woman.

I like to make the date for around dusk on a Sunday night. This time period gives you both an early out if it is not going well because of Monday responsibilities. Dusk, makes it light enough out that it does not seem too romantic yet.

Now, open a bottle of wine, or better yet, shake up some martinis (cool) and chill to some music before she sees you “turn it up a notch” in the kitchen. Make sure you prep a lot of the food during the day so your timing will be good and you can maintain conversation with her at the same time. Women are extremely turned on by a man who can cook and even more turned on when they get to watch you do it for them.

First Date Tips – No Plan is a Plan

Feeling spontaneous? I hope so because that can be a turn on too. Lets say you pick her up and you have no plan but you’re in a good mood. Go off the beaten path, pick some random honky-tonk or cantina that neither of you are familiar with and do some real “people watching” while you discover each other. If you ask her what she wants to do and she doesn’t know, then tell her, “lets wing it”. Go for a drive and dive into the first place you think looks cool. If you are confident, then any place you find is already cool.

What Not to Do on a Date

The first don’t I have is, don’t take her where you are ultra popular. If she thinks you frequent that local often, you probably bring other dates there and she is not special. This is emphasized by the fact that the staff knows your name and has also seen you bring dates there, bad move. Don’t take her some place old to you, take her some place new to you both. Never take her to a movie for a first date! Why would you spend $20 to stare at something other than her and you’re not allowed to talk?

The bottom line is keep it simple and make it fun for YOU too. This is your date as much as it is hers so pick an agenda that suits you as well and brings out your kick ass personality. Trying to solely please her will end up in no one getting the ultimate pleasure.

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