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Ex Wife From Hell

Hi guys, advice needed, just had a blistering argument on the phone with my ex wife to be last night. Basically she is constantly asking me to be ‘flexible’ in her words about dates when I have my sons etc. This usually coincides with her weekend going out plans. I had told her that this Friday I had made my own plans, but she then requested that I change these because her mate could not get a babysitter for Saturday night so they could only go out on Friday. When I refused she simply hung up the phone. She then called me back numerous times with all sorts of threats and abuse telling me how selfish I am, how she would stop me seeing my sons, how she would start putting any mail I have delivered to the family home binned etc etc. She won’t let me get a word in edgewise and it frustrates me so much as it was her who wanted me out of her life and now I am out she still makes all sorts of bloody demands on me. Thank you for hearing me out, Stanley.

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3 thoughts on “Ex Wife From Hell”

  1. I have lost count how many times I have had to change my plans to fit in with the ex wifes nights or weekends away etc. However, the flexibility needs to work both ways. The are huge advantages of being as flexible as you can when it come to contact. Situations do crop up from time to time and the willingness to change contact dates when necessary makes life a lot easier for all concerned.

  2. I totally and utterly agree with Charles – in principle – that it *should* be in the interests of all concerned to be as flexible as possible when it comes to contact arrangements. It’s the old principle of give and take ! Limbo dancer …. is your ex equally prepared to be flexible, say, if you ask to “swap” “your” time with the children ? Unfortunately however, there are some people who act on the “do as I say, not as I do principle” and if your ex is one of these.

  3. Great response from both of you, Thanks. It makes me feel better. I do try to be calm and reasonable at all times, but I must say my ex has definitely got a screw loose. Is she flexible when I ask her? Funny really, but I very rarely ask her to be. In our argument she suggested I’m out living a life of riley whilst she struggles with the kids. This is claptrap and it was her who left me and forced me to leave my home. I’ve gone through very lonely times in my bedsit, missing my sons and the family life I had built.She seems to have no concept of this at all and is totally selfish and inward looking.


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