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Desensitization – Too Much Masturbation Dangers, Tips and facts.

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Masturbation has always been a notorious corrupter of men. This gift of nature holds no respect for age, race or sex. It has been famously known over the ages, practiced nearly by most men and yet it’s a topic most people shun away from. It offers stress relief and provides sexual pleasure. Most people regard masturbation as a taboo but it’s absolutely normal. Let’s face it, if you’re not like Varys from Game of Thrones, then there’s a high chance you have engaged in this “exercise” at a certain period in your life. But just like every other pleasure of life, nothing is good in excess except money.

Masturbation should not be a too frequent an activity, it comes with adverse effects. The feeling of that awesome sexual release brought by masturbation is one that is indescribable but yet, if caution is not taken one may fall victim to the havoc it may bring. These days, gaining access to porn has never been easier. With the advent of modern technology, one can download or stream porn videos. Some are free while others may require payment. There are thousands of porn sites with several hundreds of tags pertaining to one’s sexual fetish. These include interracial, BDSM, defloration and much more. Hey! Even animations are not left out, mostly regarded as “hentai”.

Whatever your taste is, the internet got you covered. The misconception that masturbation is majorly practiced by single men is nothing but false. Married men or men in relationships do masturbate too. Some guys settle when it comes to dating or marriage. It’s like craving ice-cream and ordering broccoli, yuck! Right? Such a dude will probably be stuck fantasizing about other sexier women. These kind of guys are the ones the inventors of incognito browsing were considering. Hey! It’s not in every case that one has to be in an unhappy relationship or marriage to have a reason to masturbate. It is absolutely normal. Subjecting the family jewels to stress resulting from frequent masturbation is not healthy.

Below are the perils associated with too much masturbation:

Injury susceptibility: Sexual stimulation of the genitals may comprise of objects, hands, fingers and sex toys. Genital damage can result from the vigorous stroking and speed of the hand motion. Discomfort, irritation, and friction can also result from masturbation. Some men use lubricants to ease the process and avoid aches to the penis. In extreme situations, scrotum tear, artery rupture and fracture of the penis are not improbable. The inner core of the penis known as the “corpus cavernosum” is vulnerable to snaps and rupture resulting from energetic masturbation. And in rare cases, even death is possible.

Lack of satisfaction during sex: A brain is a powerful tool. As such, some men may never reach orgasm during sex. This can occur as a result of too much masturbation. It’s an event in which the brain has gotten used to reaching sexual peak only via solo acts. It can also lead to mental erectile dysfunction, which will inevitably adversely harm your relationship with your partner by leading to loss of interest in sex. Premature ejaculation is already bad enough but not being able to reach orgasm during sex is way worse. Masturbation may relieve stress but it’s nothing compared to the health benefits of sex. Not all orgasms are created equally according to Tobias S. Kohler, an Associate Professor at Southern Illinois University.

Lack of concentration: Some men have gotten the stage where their minds are unhealthily filled with sexual thoughts and pleasures that can only be derived from self-pleasuring. Such a person will not be highly productive at work, only obsessed with thoughts of the next solo sexual stimulation of the genitals.

Addiction to masturbation will not only negatively affect your job performance but it will also damage your social life by leaving you nervous and psychologically unstable. Premature ejaculation although, there are other factors that can lead to premature ejaculation excessive masturbation can increase your risk. Overstimulation of penile nerve can result in loss of control pertaining release of sperms. There’s nothing like getting your partner amped up for a memorable night only for the “performer” to bow too soon. Another problem associated with such an event is depression, whereby one would feel incapable of fulfilling the sexual desires of your partner.

Exhaustion: Masturbating few times is okay but when it becomes extreme, you will definitely experience loss of energy. The feeling of laziness will hover round your head like a halo. Masturbating 4-6 times a day is not only unhealthy but will leave you with less vigour to carry out daily activities, making you less productive at work or even in your career. While there’s no doubt that masturbation has its health benefits, one thing is certain; it’s unhealthy when done in excess.

So give the socks or tissues a break and channel that energy or addiction into something more productive.

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