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Conversation Starters To Get You Talking To That Attractive Stranger

Simple conversation starters work best. And the coolest of  them all consists of just one little word and a smile.

You see a nice-looking stranger in a bookshop or a park. And you’re attracted. You’re also single and unattached. What’s more, you sense that this person likes you too. So what do you do next?

You go up and start a conversation, naturally. That’s one sure way of finding out, on the spot, if your instincts are right.

But chances are, you made no move. Or you hesitated for too long. Maybe you even looked away. And before you knew it, the person was gone, vanished from sight. And you were left with a certain empty feeling. Sounds familiar?


Yet all you have to do is stroll up casually and say Hi, preferably with a smile. This is such a simple move that you don’t need to be bold or daring to do it. And it’s one of the best conversation starters on the planet – it breaks the ice and leads to an exchange of words.

But of course, there are some people – including young singles – who wouldn’t dream of talking to a stranger. Some guys freeze when they’re near an attractive girl they don’t know. And they won’t strike up a conversation even when the girl sends out encouraging signals.

So is this you? Or do you have a sister who’s still moping over the
good-looking guy she saw a while back? The one she exchanged smiles with, but not a single word?


But why let such chances go by? Remember, whether you’re a guy or a girl, you only have to saunter up and say Hi. Once that’s done, the rest is easy.

You just go on to say something perfectly natural, like ‘Crowded in here today, isn’t it?’ or ‘Been browsing? Good book?’ and so on.

And how would you carry on chatting easily and smoothly? Well, just check out the seven cool conversations here – Beach Chat, Bookshop Chat, and so on. They offer a kind of fun and easy way to pick up lots of conversational tips.

But remember to stay cool. It’s better not to reach too far ahead, like envisaging romance, candlelit dinners, sex, or some kind of a relationship. Because you’ll chat more confidently if you have no great expectations.


And even if you just want a casual date, push that to the back of your mind until you’ve chatted for a bit and can weigh your chances.

That way, you won’t be gripped by unnecessary self-doubt – like thinking you’re not gorgeous or sexy or magnetic enough or whatever. So just forget all that.

All you want to do at this stage is to carry on a spontaneous conversation. So just chat. Say something lighthearted, or even crack a small joke or two and create a bit of laughter.

Natural conversation starters are easy, really. So have fun.

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