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Child access rights for fathers HELP!

I split with ex last May, completed DIY divorce by December. Everything was going OK with regard access to my two boys 12 & 7 with alternate weekends. Ex moved new bloke in a week after I left. I met someone knew in November and we got on very well so I thought I would introduce her to the boys. The rule was they would tell me if I could keep her. Well we got on great and the youngest kept nudging me to let her know I could keep her.

When the ex found out and ever since she has begun to restrict my access. I have not seen the boys for 5 weeks now and last night when eventually they returned my call, my youngest said he did not want to see me and the eldest said he wanted to stay with his brother. I have pleaded with her to talk to them but she insists she is just respecting the wishes of the boys. When on the phone my youngest kept whispering to his mum asking what to say. Any advice as to what I can do and how much it may cost me would be appreciated. I am so angry about this, it is just not right and I do not want to become a statistic. Thanks Mark.

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2 thoughts on “Child access rights for fathers HELP!”

  1. This is not untypical. It can be overcome but you need to act fast to prevent the staus quo. Make an application to court. Request the contact that you used to have and slap the form in. ASAP. You may consider another added value option which is to ask the court staff, (Very knowledgeable and helpful) about making an Exparte application for interim contact. Not sure as I didn’t need one, but you basically sit in the court until a judge comes free, they take you in, you say you want an interim order to see the children and the judge will grant it. The other route will take a few weeks. My boys didn’t want to stay overnight. No reason given, just because. It became very clear very quickly that they were saying what their mum wanted. It was dealt with, worked on and overcome. Cafcass will know what to look for and how to deal with it. This is not your children’s thoughts, its your ex because of your new partner. My oldest was off school for 4 days through trauma of meeting Minnie! Cafcass see it all the time. I wouldn’t mention the children approving/disapproving of your new partner and it being their choice if she stayed. Bit too much responsibility for them. Just say they got on OK

  2. Thanks Gregg Going Mad here, I have to say it was only easy by staying as calm as possible when inwardly the strain is pretty hard. I wish this next part was not happening as I was hoping to keep some kind of courtesy between the ex and I, her attitude is really making me despise her, I think I am well rid!!


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