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Cheating Wife: Why Wives Cheat

Is your wife cheating ? Now that it’s being widely reported wives are quickly closing the gap and catching up with the number of husbands who are cheating (currently reports show that 34-40% of wives cheat on their spouses compared to 40-50% of men) it’s a good idea for men to get very clear on just what the triggers are for ‘cheating wife syndrome’ that can send a wife astray. Three of the major reasons are:

Your Wife is Cheating Because She Feels Ignored

In the beginning your attention was all hers. You smiled every time she walked into a room. You bought her little presents for no reason other than to make her smile. You couldn’t wait to spend time with her, and hear everything going on in her life. Nor could you wait to get your hands on her to make love. But slowly your attention began to wander to other things. Your job takes a lot of time, your other family members demand your attention, you want to spend time with your buddies, you have hobbies and clubs you want to participate in. Let’s be honest, there are a myriad of things calling for a man’s attention these days. But here’s something to remember. Once your wife slips in importance in your life the trouble begins. Sure work is tough and stressful. Sure you need time just to relax and unwind at the end of a hard day. Yes you do need to spend time with your friends – but that doesn’t mean it’s cool to ignore your wife, or put her needs, and her requests, at the bottom of your list – because if you do you may well catch your wife cheating. If you start forgetting anniversaries, and birthdays, and the things you promised to do (not always first she’ll get annoyed, then angry, and maybe even cry. Next she’ll start to nag at you until you can’t wait to get away from her, which will make her even angrier still. But eventually she’ll start to ignore you the same way you’ve ignored her. Finally, she’ll move on with her life as if you were a roommate rather than her spouse. That’s when you’re really in trouble because she just might just find all the attention she’s missing in the arms of another man.

Cheating Wife Finds New Self Confidence Being Adored by a New Man

It’s hard for young men (or men who’ve been single for most of their lives and haven’t had the pleasure of frequent female sexual company) to imagine that men actually get tired of having sex with a willing partner. But they sure do. Unfortunately, what the men who get bored with their marital sex lives forget is that they are half the problem. If a man is bored with his wife in bed, there’s even a better chance that the wife hasn’t been having much fun either. Why is this? Because sex is simply easier for men to enjoy. Women have just as much capacity to enjoy sex as men, but remember, it takes quite a bit longer for women to become turned on enough to enjoy intercourse than men. And then there’s the dismal fact that 60% to 85% never orgasm from intercourse alone. Ah, I never said women didn’t have complex sexual machinery. So the sex isn’t hot anymore, for whatever reason (perhaps it never was), and instead of investing time and attention on your wife you’ve stopped noticing that she’s even a female. But another thing so many husbands forget is that just because they aren’t finding their wives particularly thrilling doesn’t mean another man won’t notice her female charms. If you’re truly worried about your wife cheating, take a good hard look at your sex life and consider making some significant changes. Nothing gives a woman tremendous new confidence like the adoration of a new man, especially after her old man has stopped responding. Yep. Even a wife who never thought she’d cheat might well reconsider when a new prince charming comes calling. And where can she meet such a man? Frankly, just about anywhere – the work place (even though it’s frowned upon), a PTA meeting, and let’s us not forget the Internet. Yes, while your Internet time might be focused on only admiring hot new female forms visually, your wife might be spending her Internet time in chat rooms and dating sites meeting real men.

You Cheated On Your Wife (Cheating Husband or Cheating Boyfriend)

Do I really need to quote you the old adage “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?” It really is true. And remember that women have that sixth sense thing going for them, so even if you’re not stupid enough to come home smelling like another woman’s perfume, or too fresh cause you just took a shower after an afternoon tryst, or have too many long conversations logged on your cell phone, or spend hours online into the wee hours of the morning chatting up your new passion – if you’re cheating your wife just might just feel it in her bones. And once she starts digging around and finding concrete evidence, if she doesn’t kill you, or make your life hell with her raging, or empty out your bank account and run home to her parents, she might just decide to get even. For you the “little bit” on the side might not have meant much, but trust me, your wife will take it very differently. And when a wife cheats with the idea of “getting even”, chances are you really won’t like who she gets even with. Yep, she’ll likely pick the sort of fellow who’ll do the worst damage to your jealousy and your ego.

What You Can Do To Prevent A Cheating Wife – The Same Is True For Preventing A Cheating Girlfriend

If you don’t want your wife to cheat the simplest solution is to make sure she’s the number one relationship in your life. It’s not always an easy solution, but it’s the best. The marriages that not only survive, but also thrive, are those where the partners continue to discover each other and grow together. And yeah, they have hot sex lives. Marital sex doesn’t have to become boring – if both parties are willing to keep being honest about what they want and need, and to be open to new things.

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