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Dear Son

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A song/open letter to my two sons written whilst going through the pain of my divorce. Feel free to use it as you wish. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay strong and DON’T let bitterness destroy you. There’s a big old world out there for you to go and play 😉 Join Us



Listen to these words son and heed them if you can
I promise if you listen the boy will become a man
Always keep a promise and lead and honest life
Lies will see you living on the edge … Keep Reading


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“Cheer up” they say, as if the thought had never crossed your mind. Words of inspiration and encouragement can only achieve so little when you’re drowning in loneliness, as it really takes conscious efforts and determination to overcome it. Many feel loneliness is normal since virtually everyone experiences it at some point in time. So, they see it as a cross they have to carry and a way of life. While I certainly won’t disagree with you, I hope my next few words will make you review your position on loneliness. Faster than smoking, faster than cancer is the rate … Keep Reading

Domestic Violence Against Men

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Generally, when the topic of domestic violence is brought up, everyone assumes that only women can suffer from this. People are so used to the idea of women being the subject of domestic violence, that they assume that the athletic and energetic attribute men are generally known for, make it impossible for them to be bullied by their partners or by other family members. However unrealistic the idea might seem, sound statistics have shown that domestic violence actually goes both ways.

Statistics from the home office in Britain and the British crime survey have shown that men make up about … Keep Reading

10 Signs You Are P**** Whipped

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Finding love is a beautiful thing. You get to worry more and spend more, congratulations! If you’re in the driver’s seat of the relationship, you probably deserve some accolades. You just got on the endangered species list, being pussy whipped is no laughing matter.

Love should be 50/50, one could be enchanted by a woman’s poise and beauty but no man should be spellbound into being a modern-day slave of love. The fascinating thing about being pussy whipped is that the victims are always in self-denial, they are totally blinded by the truth. Journey through this list of top 10 … Keep Reading

Top 5 Questions Women Have About Men

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“Why do you go through so much effort to get our phone number… and then don’t call?” – The #1 question women wanted answered by men.

We recently polled girlfriends, associates and any women who’d give me a response just what their top questions were that they had for men. I think you’ll find what they shared with me honest and enlightening.

So let’s get to it. Just what would women like to know about men? Here you go:

1. Why Don’t You Call When You Asked For My Number?

“Why do guys almost make complete idiots of themselves with … Keep Reading