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Holidays For Single Men Over 50 – Thailand Introduction

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Thailand: Mystery and Majesty

Thailand is about 500,000 square kilometers (198,455 square miles) in size, about the size of France. From north to south it measures 1,650 kilometers and from east to west 800 kilometers. The country is located on the Indo-China peninsular, sharing borders with Burma to the west and north, Laos to the east and north-east, Cambodia to the east and Malaysia to the south. It stretches from forested mountains with narrow fertile valleys to the north and a dry plateau bordering the Mekong River in the north-east. Across the fertile alluvial basin of ChaoPhraya River, where the … Keep Reading

Holidays For Single Men Travellers Over 40

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When thinking of Thailand, many of us travelers blanch with images of the hectic capital city of Bangkok parading through our minds. Indeed as a solo traveler I found Bangkok to be so overflowing with people, traffic, sights and sounds that it was truly an assault on my senses.

Yet Thailand is a country of diversity, and thankfully, located in the north is a city light years apart from the intimidating hustle and bustle of Bangkok. I am of course referring to the delightful Chiang Mai, the capital of northern Thailand.

There are three ways of getting to Chiang Mai … Keep Reading

Holidays For Single Solo Men Travellers Over 50

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The Thais call it Krung Thep – City of Angels; others know it as Bangkok. But whatever name is used, this sprawling metropolis is one of Asia’s most captivating cities. It’s safe, friendly and easy to explore on your own, although the traffic can be awful and the constant hustle wearing. To escape the choked streets, a Bangkok-based friend says “travel by boat.” Like Venice or Amsterdam, much of Bangkok’s charm is riverine: the Chao Phraya river snakes through the Thai capital and sustains a network of klongs (canals) along its western bank – the Thonbori side.

Getting Around

Not … Keep Reading

How long does it take for a man to get over a divorce?

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My wife left me for a guy she knew and dated in her 20s. We have been married for 19 years and now divorced for 3 years. I can not get her out of my head, I dream of her every night and think of her daily.

I am now living alone and am not coping.

When will the damn pain stop? When will I be able to move on? I am not getting any younger and not feeling confident for the future.

Anyone out there been through similar all advice welcome thank you.

Submitted By Phil G

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Wife Broken After Abuse By Father

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My Story – By Cole:

I have been divorced for some years now and I must say that the journey has not been an easy one for me. My ex wife and I had a lot of struggle few months after our wedding and I remember vividly well, our last date before we tied the knot, it was at our favourite cafe downtown where I resided back then and she loved their coffee so bad that I teased her about becoming a waiter at the cafe.

She is a very intelligent woman and that was one of her many attributes … Keep Reading