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My Ex With Her New Man – Jealousy

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My Divorce Story – By Porter H:

Although I am 12 months “down the line” I still get my bad days. Although I am trying to remain friendly and co-operative with my X for the sake of the kids, my bad days tend to end up with me giving her a lot of “verbal” which I suppose makes me feel better at the time.

I started to wonder what triggered these bad days and how (if possible) I could try to prevent them. After being on my own for 12 months I have started to get used to the idea, Keep Reading

Children – its just not fair!

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My Divorce Story – By Sam K:

Hi all, I need to vent some spleen! My ex wife had an affair with a ‘friend’, I found them in our bedroom whilst my 3 kids were in the house. I had a breakdown as I had no idea after 17 years of happy marriage. I got help and tried to fix it but to no avail and after 6 months asked for a divorce. After her getting custody, an entire house, most of the possessions and a very nasty time we were finally divorced.

I pay maintenance and am really struggling Keep Reading

It seems bizarre that she can have an affair & get me to move out!

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My Divorce Story – By Mark P:

I am sure this is not a new thing but I discovered my wife was having an affair about 6 months ago and she is continuing to see him. She goes out two or three times a week leaving me with our two kids (whom I adore).

I find it really painful to watch as she prepares herself for these evenings out. She wants me to move out of the marital home of 18 years and find another property. She is only prepared to give me about 30% of what the property is Keep Reading

Divorce Forgiveness & The Children

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Divorce, in my opinion, is harder than the death of a spouse. When a spouse dies, usually there is no blame or guilt involved. In a divorce, blame and guilt permeate the trauma so that it is very hard to move on and heal. Without forgiveness, there can be no healing. This forgiveness is a choice you make, not necessarily a feeling you can hold on to. In my divorce, I had to make a choice to forgive my spouse for an adulterous relationship in which she actually fell in love with the man she was having the affair with. Keep Reading