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Mother Of My Children Has A New Boyfriend

Hi Phoenix Men! My name is Craig, does anyone have any experience in regard to an ex-girlfriend jumping straight into a new relationship the moment that they’ve got rid of their partner? Is it not working out for them? Or was the grass actually greener for them?

My ex-girlfriend waited for about a week after I left, and since then has been finding ways for her new guy to spend time with my kids at the expense of the time I was meant to be with them!

Her new lover waited until I moved out of the family home and Keep Reading

Wife Having An Affair With Work Colleague

Hi, my name is Eric, I am new to all this and my emotions are still raw. Reading through the posts, I am glad that I found this site.

My wife and I have been together seven years and married for five. We have two kids of 18 months and 4 years and I found out this time last week that she had been having an affair with a guy that she worked with.

I knew it was coming as all the signs were there, but I choose to believe her when she said nothing was going on as I Keep Reading

Wife Weaponizing Children Against Me – HELP!

Hey Phoenix Men, thank you for letting me tell my story, my name is Freddie. My wife and I decided to split up in April, since then the ex-wife to be has dragged her feet over mediation, postponing it from September to January, which indicates to me that she doesn’t want it to happen.

She uses emotional blackmail against me all the time, she paints my future life alone as bleak, lonely and penniless but says she and the two kids will be having a whale of a time. She tells me that the kids will be “devastated” if they Keep Reading

Child Access Rights For Fathers HELP!

Hi Phoenix Men, I need some advice from other guys that may have been in a similar situation to my own. I split with my ex-wife last May, I undertook and completed a do-it-yourself divorce by December.

Everything was going fine with regard to access to my two boys aged 12 & 7 on alternate weekends. The ex-wife moved a new man into the family home a week after I left. I myself met someone new in November, and we got on very well, so I thought I would introduce her to the boys. I told my boys to tell Keep Reading

Should I Stay Married For My Children’s Sake?

Good day Phoenix Men, I know this may seem like a silly question but is it wrong to stay married and together just for the sake of the children? I am in such a mess right now, I don’t know what to do? Nine months ago, I left my wife after she told me she did not love me any more.

I lost all my self respect and begged her to take me back, which she eventually did.We went to counseling to try and get things back to some kind of normality, and for a while things seemed to be Keep Reading