Phoenix Men is a fellowship that offers advice and support to heartbroken, lonely or ageing men.

What Is The Main Cause Of Loneliness?

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Submitted By Zak:

I’m a Freshman in College and I’m struggling to keep up with activities and interacting with those around me. I think my roommate is a bit too lousy for comfort and I prefer times that I’m in the room alone. I’m worried because it was not like this before. I had an active social life in high school. But now, all I want to be is alone. And there are times I try to hit up my friends from high school who got into the same college. Yet, it seems like the universe is against me. They … Keep Reading

I Am Lonely All The Time

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Submitted By Jones:

Hello, I’m Jones. There is this particular thing that has been bothering me for a long time. I’m 38 and I moved to a new city a little over a year ago. Everything is lovely here except that I don’t really have a lot of people to talk to. When I say talk I mean like really let them know what’s up with me especially when I’m going through a lot and I’m really going through a lot right now.

I met a lot of people when I first moved to this city and we mostly hang Keep Reading

I Am A Lonely Man

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Submitted By David:

I’m a grown man with a family of my own and everything seems fine from the perception of everyone I know; neighbours and other extended families but deep down, I’m locked down in the abyss of loneliness. I love my kids but I cannot let them know that their dad is not the same anymore. Nothing hurts more than keeping a poker face right in your home.

I am a man with principles and this led to me making vows that I have sworn to keep till death. So you can imagine the sadness I felt when Keep Reading

Is It Normal To Feel Lonely?

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My Loneliness Story – By Jack:

I have always heard about people’s stories concerning loneliness and I never quite understood it until now. The way my life is heading is really not encouraging. I’m in my thirties and I have a good job, a car and a decent apartment. Yet, I feel this emptiness inside. A type of loneliness that brings nothing but sadness and I just don’t understand how it happened. At work, I don my mask and pretend that all is well. These days, the loneliness has got such a tight grip on me that I don’t look Keep Reading

I Am Very Lonely With NO Real Friends

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I currently reside in Peckham, London. I have been living here all my life. I get to interact with people a lot and I can say that I know a number of people but the truth is that I cannot really call any of them my friends. Most of my colleagues at work believe that I’m a jovial and lovable person, but beneath all those jokes, the truth is that I’m very lonely.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to start a conversation with anyone, but whenever I have the chance to talk with people, I end up making Keep Reading