Phoenix Men is a fellowship that offers advice and support to heartbroken, lonely or ageing men.

I’m lonely and broken

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I used to belong to a local band in Austin. Though we weren’t exactly popular across the state, we still had a good fan base (well the band did) and our gigs did pay our bills and more. For someone who lives the life of the party, you would think it would be all smiles for me but sadly it just isn’t. At first, it was thrilling as we gained grounds as a band, but after a while it all just became exhausting. After the shows, and the crowd noises had settled, it always felt like there wasn’t much to … Keep Reading

I do not care if I live or die, I am so lonely

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Hi I’m not sure how this works but I’ll try anyway.

My partner and i were together 9 years, we have two lovable kids.

Just under 3 months ago she left me after having a brief fling, though shes not seeing him anymore she says that after she done it that it showed her how bad things were between us.

Its gone from bad to worse we fight all the time, she says she still loves me but he doesn’t seem to care how sad and desperate i feel, she doesn’t even seem interested in the kids anymore.

I feel Keep Reading

I’m lonely and Isolated

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I think of myself as a very smart person and I have always imagined a specific career path for myself. But turns out life doesn’t always grant one’s wishes. Consequently, I’m working at a firm that only piles more misery into my life. The pay is pretty much basic, the working hours are exhausting and I pretty much have no time to do anything.

To crown it all I have an annoying boss who only lives to frustrate my life. Most times I get home very exhausted and wake up to the thought of another dreadful routine. The cycle has Keep Reading


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Hi guys my name is Mike. Today marks exactly twenty years since I got divorced and I am not sure why I am suddenly feeling this way. One would think it is twenty years and by now I should have made peace with it. Yet, deep down I don’t feel okay. It is like an emotion that I buried deep down for a while and it just keeps resurfacing.

I recently got retired about six months ago and I think it makes me feel more useless waking up in the morning and not doing anything. My old bones are just Keep Reading

I Am Lonely And Married

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Submitted By Clark:

I think it’s fair to say I have a good wife. Apart from her taking good care of the kids, she still finds a way to make our house feel like a home. I see all she does and truly appreciate it, but something is just missing. The connection isn’t just there anymore and it looks like we’ve lost touch on just about everything; sex, communication, fun etc.

To say our sex life isn’t active would be a lie, but having sex with her has now become a perfunctory duty. And I can sense she feels the Keep Reading