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Best Tips For Your First Kiss.

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The first kiss is scary for everyone, doesn’t matter if you’re a novice at dating or a seasoned player. However it may be; your first kiss is also one you will never forget. It’s best to make it a good memory. Here are the best tips for your first kiss.

Don’t stress over who should kiss first. Just make sure it’s something you and the other person both want. The last thing you want is to be left standing with puckered lips or reach in having the other person feeling away from you.

First kisses are special and slightly intimate, so make sure you are in a private area. A place where you feel comfortable without voyeurs lurking around. You don’t want someone to tease you for it otherwise it may be one you’d want to forget. It should also not be too private if you don’t want it to get too hot and heavy and you both step over the line.

Allow yourself to make a mistake. If this pressure is off you there is a good chance you’ll enjoy it and want more. Contrary to what others may tell you, the first kiss is almost always a little bit awkward. When you have been kissing the other person longer, it will be easier and more comfortable.

Make sure you have brushed your teeth and perhaps sucked on a mint beforehand. If you’re a smoker, try stopping as no one want to lick out the bottom of an ashtray. A fresh breath makes for a great kiss; mint is best.

Many drunken people tend to be in a mood to kiss, but if this is your motivation it isn’t very enjoyable. You want your first kiss to be connected to a good memory and be a milestone in your life that you want to cherish. So, if you’re drunk, don’t have your first kiss.

When you’re kissing for the first time, close your eyes. Chances are; if you’re a guy, the girls will have hers closed. If she catches you with your eyes open she may be embarrassed and think you aren’t serious and want to make fun of her.

Finally, a good kiss constitutes of proceeding slowly, closing your eyes, pursing your lips, placing them on each other and linger a little while. Then get back and see if the other person wants more. If it seems okay, proceed.

Whatever you do, don’t thrust your tongue down her throat, don’t lick her face or lips and don’t suck the air out of her airways. Anything else is fair game.

Don’t be afraid anymore and take the plunge. These are the best tips for your first kiss, so follow them and make a memory. Who knows, you may just turn a frog into a prince.

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