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Best dating Tips for Men

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Being a beginner dater or an old dog at it again, every guy needs a little help. Wherever you get advice from, you want it to be accurate and helpful. Without giving advice that are rehashed or re-done, here are the best dating tips for men.

Since you’re already spending so much time at work, you may try and meet women where you work. Your working environment is a great place to find people with similar interests. Just remember not to date in your immediate office, as it may be difficult once you guys break up or the date doesn’t work out.

When you have a date, groom yourself properly. Take a bath, shave, clip your nails, put on some cologne etc. Make sure that you look like a million bucks (this doesn’t have to cost a fortune) and smell very nice. If you could pay attention to this you will already be at 80% success rate.

Keep proper time. This is very tricky. Don’t be late; this is a woman’s prerogative, if you’re late your already off to a bad start. You may arrive early, but only five minutes. She doesn’t want to feel pressurized when she’s preparing. Remember that she’s doing this for you.

Give her a thoughtful gift when arriving. Roses are always a winner, but only when you’ve been dating some time and the relationship is serious. Otherwise sunflowers, daffodils or tulips should suffice.

Be the gentleman she would love to have. Open the door, pull out her seat and let her walk ahead. You should be slightly chivalrous and old school what manners and etiquette are concerned.

Compliment the woman you’re with without overdoing it. Tell her she looks nice from the get-go. It will set the tone for the date. Pay attention to her and show her you are mesmerized – without being creepy. She will enjoy being adored and realize that you are attracted to her. The more sincere and thought out your compliment, the more points you’re going to score.

Prepare for the conversation. Before you actually go on the date, think what drew you to her and what about her would you like to know. It’ll be weird to constantly revert to a list in your pocket while on the date, so try remembering those points. Don’t talk about other women or ex-girlfriends on your date. Keep your focus and attention on her at all times.

Listen to her when she’s talking. Nod to show her you’re listening. Ask her thoughtful questions relating to what she was talking about. You will score a lot of points if this interaction is far more significant that you asking questions.

Contrary to modern belief, you should pay for the date. Some schools of thought presume that the one initiating the date should pay, but rather pay to be safe. Allow her to pay sometime, and definitely if she insists. But generally, pick up the tab.

Wrapping up the date, the best is to read her body language to ascertain if she wants a goodnight kiss or not. Also, when you part, be truthful and don’t tell her you’ll call if you don’t intend to.

That is basic advice, but it’s the best dating tips for men you’ll find. Cross of every point (in your mind) throughout the date and hold on for a great date. She might even ask you out on a second one.

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