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All she wants to do is party

My Story – By Craig R:

I am 40 years old and was dating a woman for a little over 5 years. Earlier this year, she told me that she was attracted to another man that she had met. Our relationship together was incredible. We were so close and told each every detail about our life. I felt a very deep connection with her and I fell deeply in love with her. I thought that everything in the world was great and it couldn’t get any better.

Then she tells me that about this other man. I was very depressed for many months and what made matters worse was we still kept in regular touch. We talked nearly every other day and we still told each other “I love you.” We cried and argued about what was going on, almost like she really didn’t want it either. She became interested in many guys, and it was always guys who just gave her attention and they never really lasted.

She likes to drink and she has an even harder time controlling those urges even when she becomes under the influence. She ended up fooling around with a very close friend of mine one night (he was actually the guy I was with when I first met her) and the other day I found out some terrible news. One guy she knew for only a few weeks, when she was partying with him they both became extremely drunk and she ended up sleeping with him. This absolutely crushed me finding this out because she told me about a month ago that she realized what I meant to her and she wanted me back.

She didn’t want to commit yet but wanted to start out slow. This hurts so much and I don’t feel like I could ever get back with her because all that I do is picture that situation in my head and that makes me want to vomit because it hurts so bad. It never really felt like we were broken up and she said “I’ll never do that, I’m just interested in getting to know guys…” I don’t think I could ever give her a second chance. Please, if you have an words of wisdom, please help.

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1 thought on “All she wants to do is party”

  1. I think your lady friend is simply not ready for a serious relationship. She wants to party – that’s what drinking and ‘getting to know guys’ is about. It could be that this is a phase she will grow out of, but it could be a lifestyle which will hang on for years, if not her whole life. Part of her may realize that she has a good guy in you and so she tries to keep you on the line. This is not fair to you. There is very little you can do to make her change her ways, or to ever be able to trust that she has really changed. Don’t let this make you bitter, though. Move on and keep looking for someone who shares your values and dreams.


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