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10 Signs You Are P**** Whipped

Finding love is a beautiful thing. You get to worry more and spend more, congratulations! If you’re in the driver’s seat of the relationship, you probably deserve some accolades. You just got on the endangered species list, being pussy whipped is no laughing matter.

Love should be 50/50, one could be enchanted by a woman’s poise and beauty but no man should be spellbound into being a modern-day slave of love. The fascinating thing about being pussy whipped is that the victims are always in self-denial, they are totally blinded by the truth. Journey through this list of top 10 signs you’re whipped; if you recognize any of them, for the love of Christ, grow a pair and usurp the domineering partner of yours in taking control of the relationship.


This refers to those stuck in relationships where one has to report to headquarters just to get permission to set out. It’s understandable if you wish to inform your partner about your whereabouts but it’s just demeaning to the male ego to have to be debriefed on each and every outing. If you can’t join your friends to visit a pub, or for other fun activities without alerting your girlfriend, then you have a problem.


Certainly, there’s no romance without finance but that doesn’t mean your wallet has to weep in your endeavor to keep your girlfriend happy. Sure, it’s fun to surprise her at times with gifts but when it gets too frequent, you’re more whipped than all the whippings in Fifty Shades of Grey, a man should be able to buy his lady what she wants only if he approves of it not the other way around. If you find yourself paying for movie outings with your girlfriend’s friends, spa visits etc. every now and then, it’s never too late for redemption but you have to break out of the denial shell.


There’s no way you won’t change in some sort of way in a healthy relationship. One must note that there’s no beauty if you lose what makes you unique. No one is perfect, everyone has his or her flaws, there are actually some attributes that can be changed in a partner but if your fashion taste takes a rapid change due to your current relationship, you should wear the hat of concern unless it’s a positive fashion change, something like gangster dressing to that classic man suit and tie, then that is a feat that is deserving of some accolades. But sadly, many men are in the situation where the partner with the aura of Kim Heung Son, dictates what you must wear and not wear. No relationship should be like that.


The general perceived attribute of men since the time of the cavemen and Neanderthals is strong ego and dominant behaviors. When you are reduced to a wuss who whines all day about every trivial issue in your relationship then welcome to the pussy-whipped club, a true man tackles his relationship issues with composure and a firm hand. No friend wants to be listening to the wimpy cries of your relationship woes; you need to take complete control of your relationship.


How many times have you seen couples go to movies that clearly the man has no interest in? Let’s not keep count, the amazing blockbuster movies or TV series have pathetically transformed to ball-crushing, penis-shrinking, boring and annoying travesties of televised entertainment. Your ancestors are probably having shivers, even if you choose to watch your favorite programmes on TV, she complains bitterly till you change stations. If you have fallen so deep into such clutches of your control freak girlfriend, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. You’re the man, take control. You don’t change your ideal, you can change in little ways like bathing, doing laundry etc. But make sure they are positive things, if you are undergoing undesirable rapid changes involving religion, fashion, principles and others, then sorry brother, please raise your hand for acknowledgement into the pussy whipped club.


Ever seen a man that is so blinded by love that he just can’t see the truth? Some men will defend their women to the death even when it’s so obvious that she’s at fault. It gets even worse, in situations where a woman who should be booted out of a relationship for being intolerable, yet some men will not only forgive the lady but will even make excuses for such a lady, justifying reasons for her behaviour. It’s a general belief that every human head possesses a brain but when you’re pussywhipped, your head transforms into a coconut.


Privacy is a treasure. Definitely, you will lose some of your privacy, you may be living with your partner for example. But when the privacy gets so thin and uncomfortable yet you are going with the flow, accept the sad fact of being whipped. Promise not to scream? Some actually have synced e-mail accounts, bank accounts or worse, given their lady the passwords to all their social media accounts. That’s no way to live, it’s like getting tapped by the FBI. If you can’t enjoy your privacy to a considerable extent due to your relationship, you’re a victim of the pussy lash.


Before you met her, she had been shopping on her own or with friends. So why would you always have to be her Amazon? It’s fun to go shopping with your girlfriend some of the time but once you fall into the category of weekly bag carrier then like Master Yoda says, Pussy-whipped you are.


A man devoid of love for sports? Extremely rare! Quality time with your lady is imperative to grooming a healthy relationship but if it attains the level where you have to miss not a game but series of your favourite sport shows then know you are on the whip bandwagon. From basketball to football, sports shows are sacred tools for keeping a man’s spirit soaring high, it is sacrilegious for a lady to always have to make her man miss his favourite sport, not because of understandable reasons but because of your timidity to step up and assume your proper role as the head in a relationship.


Your partner is not some scary looking Cerberus of Hades, she’s human. Why some men are scared of facing their girlfriends and expressing their views is still baffling. What’s the worst that she could do? It’s a blatant lie if anyone tries to portray a perfect relationship by telling you that he has never fought with his partner. Not on the physical level, arguments are inevitable. The man and woman have different ideologies on everything, you express yours just as she will do and you reach a compromise but if you’re the type to fuel her ego through such cowardly exploits of suppressing your opinion or not taking a stand on a matter, you are definitely the king of “Whippania”.

Getting it right in a relationship is vital; let no one boss you around. Don’t boss your partner around either, being pussy-whipped is a serious matter. It shrinks your manliness and depletes your ego, always do what pleases you and try the out-most best to please your partner but not at your own constant inconvenience or integrity. You can go out of your way to please her, but don’t fall into the ditch of being her slave.

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