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10 Reasons Why Online Dating Is A Total Waste Of Time & Effort

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Love is a beautiful thing. Unless you’re a robot, it’s safe to assume that everyone wants to love and be loved in return. When it comes to dating, cupid’s arrow has always been notorious for instilling love in our hearts but with the advent of the digital age, Cupid has gone with the flow to break down firewalls of our hearts through modern technological devices such as computers and phones, that allows us to connect and interact with the opposite sex on social platforms irrespective of location.

Online dating has been getting popular of recent and culturally acceptable. Online dating sites keep springing up like popcorn in the microwave. Most people simply don’t have enough time for social interactions while some feel awkward in such environment, this has boosted the growth of online dating sites. The desire to maximize time and the excitement towards finding a matching profile like solving a jigsaw puzzle also plays a vital role in the rise of online dating. Although, some people have met their significant other through online dating but such individuals only make up a significantly low percentage when compared with relationships that started via conventional means such as meeting in a bar, park, party etc. A lot of dating sites paint the image of finding a perfect significant other. Through surveys and profiles, one can browse profiles like some online shopping site and pick not necessarily a matching profile but the most appealing profile. Some of these online dating applications have true success stories, where happily married couples claimed to have met through the platform. But hey! If you are of the mindset that what is good for the geese is good for the gander, then I have news for you.

One can meet someone and fall in love via social media platforms but it’s a different ball game when it comes to online dating. There are a lot of things involved, one is that they are primarily based on your profile and also, for true search for love, it’s a huge waste of time. Below are the top ten reasons why you shouldn’t engage in online dating, these are:

▪ UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS FROM WOMEN Obviously right? Life is not some Sims video game where one can just dream up the perfect significant other by crafting the physical and also the emotional attributes. When it comes to online dating, 80% of women simply do not know what they want. Maybe it’s the books they have been reading authored by the talented Nora Roberts and the likes. Or just simply how they are wired by nature. It is not uncommon to see a woman rated as a 3, clamoring for men matching the Trey Songz physique. Some women will reject a credible guy with matching profiles simply on trivial matters such as not being 6 feet tall or not having beards. Most women on online dating sites harbor expectations higher than the Empire state building, they see online dating like an Amazon online store, ticking attributes that entice them till there’s nothing to tick. There is no human without flaw, I’m not sure if most women have ever heard the phrase before. Just have it at the back of your mind that once you sign up for an online dating site, you’re offering yourself to harsh scrutiny and judgement based on crazy, unrealistic female fantasies.

▪ CATFISH Yes! Catfish! And I’m not talking about the mouthwatering dish but I’m referring to the situation whereby an individual is allured into a relationship by someone with an imaginary or fictional online identity. Simply as someone pretending to be someone else on social networking site for fraudulent purposes. If you’re conversant with the MTV hit-show CATFISH, then you would know how dangerous this really is. That beautiful, amazing looking lady may just be a fat dude, munching on king-sized burger. You would wonder why people do this? That’s because not everyone thinks like you. Many people are online predators, looking for the next naïve person to scam of his hard earned money. This is one of the major issues with online dating. One major red flag pertaining fishing out a catfish scenario is the continuous rejection to accept your request for live pictures or video chat, followed by unceasing demand for money. Don’t be a sucker for online pictures that may just be false, be a true man and head out to meet real women, not some wannabe’s sitting behind a computer screen.

▪ LOW SUPPLY OF ATTRACTIVE LADIES Let’s do the math. How many attractive women are on social media? Millions, right? But how many truly attractive women are on online dating platforms? Probably finger countable in my view. Online dating sites may be filled with appealing female pictures and enticing profiles but don’t be deceived. Many of these sites hire professionals to create hundreds of false profiles, attaching an eye-catching picture is the cherry on top to bait men. A beautiful woman will get approached by men virtually on a daily basis, it may be at work, at the bar, etc. I’m not saying there aren’t pretty women on online dating sites; I’m just saying the supply will be very low.

▪ FRAUDSTERS Just like the catfish issue, we have unending numbers of scammers online. They come in various forms. Remember those “You have just won an iPhone” pop-ups? When it comes to online dating, many people are just looking for a ticket out of their unfavorable financial situations. It’s not uncommon to receive spam emails following registration on online dating sites. These emails are nothing but trouble, as most of them are of deceitful nature. It’s also imperative to note the adverts that randomly pop up on your screen linking you to other websites. They may lure you with pictures of beautiful women wanting to chat with you or the general “make XYZ cash from your home”, preying on people’s greed. You have to be very careful, getting duped online is not as easy as people may think. Some people are just way too imprudent, a website asks you for all your credit card details, most especially your PIN code and you did not even take the time to verify the authenticity of such a website, this is the easiest way to financial ruin.

▪ PROFILE UPDATE STRESS Online dating is very much like Facebook; one has to update his profile at regular periods. This can not only be taxing but it can also be a huge waste of time. One has to change profile image to the most recent and most appealing, coupled with other details. But in comparison with women, they hardly update their profiles. One or two images and that’s it. This can be very discouraging and annoying.

▪ COSTLY We all agree that online dating has forever revolutionised the world of courtship. But like any other website, there’s always one ulterior motive apart from being significant in solving people issues, I’m talking about making profit. Not all online dating websites are free, most request for little amount of cash for one to be able to send and receive messages and pictures. Other features include profile checker of the week, best match of the day etc. One may be tasked to pay for all of these features but the most aggravating is the case of financial support request by many women on online dating sites. One must note that many of them already have two or more kids and as such, some may even demand that you pay child support before your relationship can be meaningful.

▪ PRIDE A lot of low-esteem women are on the rise, who can really blame them? With all the Victoria secret models looking all gorgeous on TV and in magazines. To boost morale, these women sign up for online dating and guess what they do? They shoot men down with their insolence. It’s like they get high on receiving complimentary messages from men that probably will not give them a second glance in reality. It’s these kind of women that make online dating hellish and mostly, they have false profile images or the most popular; they take pictures with a slimmer or stunning female friend and don’t specify their identity in the picture.

▪ SHORT REPLIES Oh my God! This has got to be on the hall of fame of the most frustrating deeds of women in the world. What is the point of taking your time to fill in details and register on an online dating platform? To find a soulmate, yes? Yes! But on getting to the point of sending messages, most men are ever polite and will never ever send a one-word message like the general “hi”. An example is “hello, lovely profile, how are you doing?” harmless and sweet right? Only to get a reply like “fn” or “fine” or “hey”. Worst you don’t even get a reply. The essence of profiles is for one to have the ingredients to strike a mentally stimulating conversation and these daughters of Eve will just strike you down with depressing short and monosyllabic replies.

▪ PRESENCE OF LOW SELF-WORTH WOMEN With so many feminists in today’s world, don’t think the online dating platform has not been defiled by their presence. You may be awesome, humorous and simply fantastic at whatever you do but never make the mistake that the average woman is just like you. Many of these women in our world are just empty, depressed, dead conversationalists and extremely boring people to live with. What’s common with someone with low self-esteem? They all want to bring people down to their level. Do not let any woman no matter how pretty dim your light. Your time is limited on earth, not a second of it should be wasted by a miserable lady, you deserve better.

▪ DECEITS Guess you probably saw this coming. Apart from getting scammed or catfished. Some women on online dating sites base their online presence on lies. Maybe to attract a sophisticated man or just for the fun of it, we may never know. For example, a woman may claim to unemployed just to draw your affection and sympathy or claim to be single and actually married in reality. There are so many examples of such disgusting lies. Fairy tales are never real, happy endings are not guaranteed in any relationship but the will to continue is what counts. You may be single or divorced and claim the inability to love again, do not be dismayed, where there is life, there is hope. Don’t waste your precious time on online dating sites and be chewed by low self-worth, feminist women, get out there and meet real women that will love you for who you are, flaws attached.

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Please Submit Your Own Story...

Please consider sharing your story with others suffering now. How you coped? How you felt? What helped? What were the circumstances that led up to your separation? How do you cope with loneliness? The more you can share the better. Your story really does help others who are going through the same gut wrenching pain. Your story reinforces the fact that they are not alone in their suffering. Submit Your Story Now - Thank You!

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